Hot Take: queer and/or trans creators being concerned with Building Brands on social media because it's how they make their living isn't actually a bad thing given the alternative is to go through a major corporation which will gatekeep them, ignore them, and try to control their Brand anyway. We get queer and trans-made art of all genres because social media and patreon and shit lets them get their work out there and earn a living off of it independently; which requires Maintaining A Brand

In an ideal world this wouldn't be necessary at all! Under Socialism we could have our art and afford to live too.

But we don't live in that world right now. We live in a world where it's work yourself 40-60 hours a week and have no time or energy to make your art; or spend effort cultivating a Brand to get your work out there so it can supplement your income and allow you to sell less of your hours to the capitalist class

If you don't like that someone's online presence is a Brand, don't follow them. plenty of people on twitter also don't Build Brands. If you don't want people to be building brands online; join a socialist org and actively work to create a world where this isn't necessary.

And especially if you make a comfortable living off of a job in tech; especially working for a big tech company; and you have no need for monetizing social capital; you can't complain about what other people do to get by. You're just choosing a different devil to work for.

all this goes double for complaining about black and brown people; and disabled people (who all of course can also be Q/T) building brands; when they have even less options for which devil they serve, and it's even more of a hustle to get that recognition.

@shel Totally. I'm keeping my Twitter for my art and stuff as long as it continues to be good for getting that out there. So I get people not wanting to leave outright.

Personally I want Mastodon to be a place I can go to get away from that hustle when I need to tho.

@Tooch and it's all about what you choose to do with your own accounts; as opposed to like... deriding people for making another decision which i've been seeing a lot of on here

@shel I've seen a lot of that in both places. :/ tbh i think modern social media culture kinda makes everyone feel like they have to have a mastodon hot take even if they don't have anything to say so it's like a self- fulfilling beef prophecy. Which is sadly not as tasty as it sounds.

@shel i also worry that we've just forgotten what it's like for big businesses to have competition? Like we Expect monopolies at this point and when new stuff comes along it has to "replace" the old thing or it's failed.


@Tooch yeah waaay back like over a year now i wrote an article called "why mastodon can't fail" about how the measure of success being centered on the destruction and "killing" of another platform is violent and bizarre

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