Zooming out all small doesn't change how much displays...

@shel yeah how restricted the space is in these is absurd

@Siphonay there needs to be a way to scroll the text to see the rest if it runs off...

@shel fyi this is the css that fixes it

.account__header .account__header__fields dl,
.account__header .account__header__fields dt,
.account__header .account__header__fields dd {
overflow: hidden;
word-wrap: break-word;
max-height: max-content;
white-space: normal;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
border: none;

@soft_chomps @nightpool here's a fix for the profile fields issue! Wanna implement this on cybre?

@shel @soft_chomps i'll put it in my theme improvements pile but I think the actual fix is just making the static page header wider.

@nightpool @shel the issue is the css doesnt allow the text to wrap, making it wider wouldnt help much

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