@shel oh yeah well
the back of my phone is just completely covered in cameras, like the facets of an insect's compound eye

@chr Oh yeah well my phone is a Microsoft Kinect

@kepstin @shel what the fuck this is the most ridiculous looking device i've ever seen

it looks like a parody of itself! i thought most of the lenses were stickers for a second!

@chr @kepstin yeah i know what this is and it super sets off trypophobia shit like i am primally repulsed by it

@kepstin @chr MrMobile reviewed it and apaprently it isn't even that good

@shel @chr yeah. The review I linked talks about how it has issues with uneven detail over the image and noticeable artifacts on joins.

I remember seeing this when it was first announced, actually!
@chr @shel

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