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While most public libraries don't subscribe to academic journals, they *do* often partner with local universities to provide inter-library loans to patrons who do request academic articles. How you do this varies by library but if you're willing to wait a couple weeks to get your article you can sometimes get it through a public library!

@cocoron Never let a paywall defeat you!! ILL Isn't the quickest especially with the national transition from ILLiad to Tipasa; and it doesn't always work... BUT it's totally great and worth trying

@shel i dont live in the USA so we probably have that system but it's worth a try anyway

@cocoron I have no idea how public libraries outside the US work ^^;; I think Canada is mostly the same software and stuff but outside north america no idea.

Caveat: Your local library might not do this :V it's common in New England cuz we're just totally saturated with universities but idk if this happens in other regions.

Also sometimes it just doesn't work ^^;; but it's worth a try dangit! Don't let a paywall defeat you!

@shel and if that doesn't work, there is a certain website I won't link to here.

@shel but also sci hub is a thing and so anyone can get any journal article instantly! :3

@shel @KemoNine the Toronto Public Library offers access to many digital databases, including JSTOR, Sage, OneFile, and full archives of major papers:

@seanl lib-gen and sci-hub are cool and all but they absolutely cannot compete with the full breadth of access you can get through inter-library loans. they have a lot, they do not have everything

@shel I actually do have a San Jose Public Library card, but now that I don't live walking distance from a branch (much less the main branch which used to be my closest branch and is the largest library ever built as a single project vs a series of expansions), I haven't been going to the library. I really need to spend more time on their web site.

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