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Jovian Flesh & Fauna, my new chapbook, is a collection of poems. An experiment in alien empathy seeking to use horror and surrealism to communicate experiences for which you have no other reference point.

I've been working on this thing for nearly two years!!! It's free! Give it a read:

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hi i'm a friendly former mastodev; Western MA Sanctuary activist; hobby poet; queer shitposting furry; jack of all trades creative-type; and grad student studying Library & Information Science. Most notable thing I've made is which is a website about coping skills for the mental stress of dealing with daily racism/sexism/homophobia/ableism etc. with a focus on being accessible in all senses of the word.

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Chelsea Manning calling in her new video statement to #AbolishICE, and to change the #prison system as a whole.

'they imprison the poor and the volunerable'


'together we can do better - together we can win - together we can #AbolishICE #WeGotThis #OccupyICE

u dont need
wehn u can lay on the ground

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our household is just me laying on the ground while tom shows me blackle videos

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Foxes: Are we just fuzz all the way down? A recent scientific investigation suggests that might be the case, but it’s going to take a lot of petting to find out for sure.

@masklayer: "has anyone ever eaten a furby?"

"let's just... record the laundry machine....."

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"The greater the sword the more bisexual you are" - @shel

@masklayer : "yeah... there's... a lot of a sounds in the world"

i made fun of @masklayer for forgetting his age when he was 24 but i keep thinking i'm turning 25 which is wrong i'm turning 24 so i guess joke's on me now

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👏🏿 DOGS 👏🏿 IN 👏🏿 ALL 👏🏿 OFFICES.

[also ofc donating to an NGO like the ACLU has much less impact than donating to your local local organizations

As for giving money to organizations:
1. If you give enough money that it srsly affects your budget, that does carry risk tru
2. Regardless of if anyone knows you gave the money, that org now has money
3. While giving money does symbolically show support; money also translates to resources.

That Said:
Money is valuable
Volunteers and accomplices are invaluable.

Staving off burnout by spreading the work or providing things like water and shelter are so so so important. accomplices keep work alive

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Affirmation of the day:

"You can't force someone to respect you, but you can refuse to be disrespected."

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@shel i went to occupy ice pdx on wednesday and i was thinking many of these same things! the tactics i saw reminded me of occupy but tighter and more practiced. every day they stick around is a tangible victory ✊️

it certainly helps that the mayor told the cops not to get involved 😅

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There's always a big difference between what a political movement does, and what is perceived as their actions, and I just have to take issue with "all [you] really did was symbolically live in parks." No, we did a lot more to directly confront the people we took issue with. The problem falls outside the direct action folk; they're doing enough. It's the ancillary teams that aren't making sure their actions are represented.

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@shel As I was at Occupy, I have to highlight that OWS did go into financial offices, ODC went into lobbying firms, and many others more directly took actions against representations of local issues. You're correct to highlight that misrepresentation from the media was a factor, but you're underestimating just how much of one.

also you don't have to be doing "shut it down" actions for this to apply

If the media doesn't cover your community garden project, it still has impact so long as it is feeding people and fostering food autonomy; and the risk to yourself is being punished for zoning violations or whatever not allowing urban agriculture.