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i'm shel i'm 24, non-binary/de facto a trans woman. i'm a "significant figure in mastodon history" and former big deal dev. i appreciate marx and do DSA/Refoundation stuff. i write poetry. i'm a queer shitposting furry. i'm working full-time while doing grad school for library science on the side. I made which is a mental health resource targeting marginalization/microaggression-induced stress. find my shit at also twitter is

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Not everything you see is directed at you personally

*overhead, in a matter-of-fact manner* " she couldn't make it because she's at the slut cracker"

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Found a much better version of that PETA thing

the year is 2018 and i have a specific podcast up my sleeve for whenever someone says nuclear winter is how we'll solve global warming

Hello friends, this will be my admin account for this instance. @staticsafe is my main account.

i'm the mother of all bombs. just pushed em right out.


i keep peeing my pants because all the self care people keep telling me to drink water... please help...

putting on 10 personalized individual toe socks before i slip on my 1 big toe sock and then my sock

This is based entirely on colors associated with the character please don't get mad at me

Shadow: Anarcho-Communist
Sonic: Conservative
Knuckles: Marxist Communist
Amy: Social Democrat
Tails: Classical Liberal
Cream: Christian Democrat
Big the Cat: Monarchist
Rouge: Anti-Communist Reactionary Advocating Pacifism But Such Pacifism In Effect Becomes De Facto Complacency With A Violent System
Blaze: Anarcho-Queer
Silver: Fascist
Eggman: AnCap

I made this silly fruit dragon in like 15 minutes be proud of me

:/ can't believe i missed the entire talking in the library discourse and y'all didn't even talk to actual library workers TALK about hierarchist /s /s /s

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