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hi i'm a friendly former mastodev; Western MA Sanctuary activist; hobby poet; queer shitposting furry; jack of all trades creative-type; and grad student studying Library & Information Science. Most notable thing I've made is sailingroughwaters.com which is a website about coping skills for the mental stress of dealing with daily racism/sexism/homophobia/ableism etc. with a focus on being accessible in all senses of the word.

But yet
It's just a theory

what happened to letting me pick when to install updates

tired: space ghost
wired: space goats

Tired: lovedisc
Wired: lovedicks
(Inspired: girldicks)

so now you all get to see the gif thar prompted all this
please enjoy
i spent hours figuring out how to best allow you all to see these birbs glitch.social/media/avqjGaa0hH

I feel like I finally understand birds????????????

Telegram is down for a planned maintenance, don't panic!

Tim Buckley joined Masto and now its mandatory to have an avatar by him.

someone: you okay?

me, watching golden girls on mute while listening to vaporwave: yeah why