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i'm shel i'm 24, non-binary/de facto a trans woman. i'm a "significant figure in mastodon history" and former big deal dev. i appreciate marx and do DSA/Refoundation stuff. i write poetry. i'm a queer shitposting furry. i'm working full-time while doing grad school for library science on the side. I made which is a mental health resource targeting marginalization/microaggression-induced stress. find my shit at also twitter is

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Not everything you see is directed at you personally

Me, internally: Don't let anyone find out you're actually a duck...

Waiter: Can I take your order?

Me: Yeah, I'll have some seeds

@Sir_Boops You just posted a picture of my favorite Animorphs cover.

Here is a good video explaining why the GDR/DDR had less money than the FDG

Facts are actually very considerate of people’s feelings and, to be quite honest, they don’t appreciate others speaking on their behalf. If anything, YOU don’t care about FACTS’ feelings.

a cool rule of thumb is that anything the US gov accused the soviets of it's more likely that the US was doing that than that the soviets were doing that

like the horrible unethical mind control and brainwashing experiments, which we have no evidence the soviets ever did but COPIOUS evidence that the CIA was doing that. the "brainwashing" that communists were accused of was literally just POWs being given books to read and then after they read the books they were like "oh fuck communist is good actually"

idk if i mentioned this here but i decided the gender-neutral yiddish for uncle/aunt is fente (feser + tante) and if my friends have kids i will be their fente

Hey folxs whats your friday like? I'm hunting for a CIA paper on hypnosis because it was offhandedly mentioned in a history thread

and then .social would block it and they'd be like "THIS IS CENSORSHIP YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY" and a buncha people would be like ":/ i mean i dont like them but idk if they need to be blocked automatically for EVERYONE" (cuz we only had like 3 instances) and then they'd doxx someone and send anthrax to someone or something

remember in the old days when u had to be like "make sure to block the instance they post literal child pornography and their admin is david duke's nephew and has been convicted for stabbing"

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