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I think the thing I love the most about Breath of the Wild is that sometimes I can just explore, and climb shit and do relaxing things when I'm tired.

But if I feel like I just want to go get fucked I can go get my ass kicked by robots and lion centaurs.

Expressing my deepest desire to start a leftist org that does charitable shit and involves families without being related to a church. Like, pay what you can dinners, medical bill assistance, games in the park, and shit but like, no churches, and queer and marginalized people can use it as a platform.

Me working retail, 2022 colorized:

I'm just saying if bigfoot was real the foot guys would have found it

NSFW, very lewd, dirty talk joke 

My spouse, while we are fucking: Oh yeah, I'm gonna wear you like a sock puppet.

Me @ work, pushing carts into a path: Hey, sorry I gotta block your path out of that aisle for a minute.
My coworker: plz do, I get paid by the hour.

Food, vegan 

My spouse woke me up from my nap, saying, "We won't be hungry for a while."

It's just me and them in this home. Rice cooker for scale

hot take but people should drink more water. its good for you

Trauma joke 

Yeah, we're a tight family at work. We love each other so much. And it's definitely not because we're all trauma-bonded by retail.

if i were governments i would simply be normal about trans people

do you think R2-D2 and C-3PO ever explored each other's bodies?

My spouse got a 5lb bag of Tatertots. We are the only two in the house. That's it. That's the post.

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