*attempting to shove a 3D printed raspberry pi case into the side railing of our 3D printer*

I want to rail this,,,

Finances ~ 

Lexi would like us to reassure everyone that we *do* still have money. Plenty of it. We just worry about it a lot. -Ada

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Update. Internet is still out. We may have someone come service us in about 4 hours or so. Apologies.

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There is an Internet outage going on over here, it seems. Instance will likely be up again in the morning.

PSA for my personal account followers 

Had a power outage back home while in visiting a friend. I should be back home in a few hours to fix that, but for the meantime, stuff is just gonna be down and I'll have to give personal updates here.

Pandora radio played "Pump Up The Jams" and every time they say "AHWAH" I think of @owashii

Yeah, I really need to get a UPS lmao.

Fucking annoying doing this every time it rains.

nerdy thoughtposting 

Someday I wanna set up something like a YouTube local mirror for certain channels or something. Like, just a system that will take YouTube videos from channels I like and auto download them for viewing on my local network when I want. I feel like that's definitely something someone else has already thought of.

How To Train Your Dragon reminds me that I appreciate and love dragom

Always feels weird posting on here. Anyway, here I am. Servers are down while a storm passes over my area. I’m safe right now, no worries. Just a precaution.

ADHD PSA, video, RSD 

I'm doing server maintenance right now but this video is so fucking important and I need to share it. Please watch if you have anyone around you that you know has , if you think you have it, and especially if you *know* you have it.


Just remembered about my alt and posting to remind y'all it's here if something happens to my instance again.

Uploaded the backups to the wrong account and I'm crying cus it says I'm out of space and now I have to do it again on the right account.

Alright, got in beat saber. Gonna shut down my desktop again and keep the instance up for as long as I can. The backups should be down transferring now so I'm set up just fine if the worst happens and my server dies for some reason.

Every now and then I wake up and say to myself "wow no one is dating me that yeah someone should fix that" and then I promptly do nothing about it lol

Dammit I jinxed myself come on power turn back on please lol

Power is out once more. Hopefully back soon. This is so annoying lol.

I think this is the most consistently I've used cybre.space ever tbh.
@chr thanks for having a reliable instance lol

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