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Please boost!!

Hey what's up this is an alt account for @shadow8t4 and I'm here to announce that I haven't had electricity at my house for the past 12 hours and I don't know when it's coming back. So no worries. I haven't left. We are staying warm over here and we have food and stuff. Hope y'all are having a good day. 💙

Uploaded the backups to the wrong account and I'm crying cus it says I'm out of space and now I have to do it again on the right account.

Alright, got in beat saber. Gonna shut down my desktop again and keep the instance up for as long as I can. The backups should be down transferring now so I'm set up just fine if the worst happens and my server dies for some reason.

Every now and then I wake up and say to myself "wow no one is dating me that yeah someone should fix that" and then I promptly do nothing about it lol

Dammit I jinxed myself come on power turn back on please lol

Power is out once more. Hopefully back soon. This is so annoying lol.

I think this is the most consistently I've used ever tbh.
@chr thanks for having a reliable instance lol

I'm gonna keep the instance down for just a bit while I transfer some emergency backups.
I don't think that the servers are gonna just fail out of nowhere due to power outages, but it doesn't hurt to just have something off-site just in case.

Power went out for a bit just now.

I *really* need to run backups.

My titty pill needs to hurry up and dissolve so I can drink this coffee.

Omg it's always hardest trying to get up after a melatonin induced sleep.

It looks like the power came back on sometime around 5AM. I don't know if it's staying on or not.

lewd joking, meme 

Finally go through the follow requests for now. I realized I needed to go follow all those accounts too because I wasn't gonna see their posts otherwise and that would make me sad. :c

Hey welcome to all the like 30 people who just followed lmao.

Now you can know if I have power or not I guess.

Fun times fun times.

Power just went out again. Let me get to these follower requests so y'all and see these posts when they happen.

It looks like I may have power back for now. Everything just turned back on. I'm incredibly unsure how long that is going to last.

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