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Pleased to announce that is now open for business.

Feel free to join the homeroom! Right now, you need to be a Matrix member to do so, though.

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Since I moved instances, I really wanna spread the word and have a on this profile, here ya go.

I'm Alexis!

I'm a computer science major, soon to be graduate, with a minor in video game design that wants to make video games for a living. I love, well, playing video games, listing and playing music, and computers in general.

Those are the superficial things, if you're interested in learning more or getting to know me, follows are welcome! (also check out my bio)

See ya around!

YES HELLO I AM BACK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (my instance has been down for two weeks)

help! I am the admin of a mastodon instance and I need to know how to get into my account! It's not accepting my two-factor codes or my recovery codes!!

hey can someone please forward me to that helpful guide on making a custom mastodon theme? I need to make sure this code has one of mine already set or else it'll bork and I don't remember where all the files are

FOSS Community:
What do y'all use for file servers on Linux?

Only downside to Retrode is that it doesn't auto-checksum. I have some invalid ROMs now because they just aren't perfect copies probably because of the cartridge.

rip for whatever reason VBA won't load my GBA ROMs properly.
Before you ask, I have a Retrode and the physical cartridges, there is like 0 chance the ROM is bad.

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Are scooby snacks named after the dog or vice versa

I want a lightweight DM that isn't using outdated gtk tech

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