I made a tiny handwired keyboard, and now I feel like I can do anything

Lessons learned:
1. Four layers of 3mm of acrylic is not enough to fit everything, unless you leave the bottom open - go with five layers
2. Leave a larger opening for the USB cable - the only one I had small enough is v short
3. I'm going to write up the guide I wish I had - I had to cobble together info from a lot of sources

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@sg Niiice. I've been wanting to learn to so some electronics stuff for ages.

@blueberrysoft I highly recommend mechanical keyboards as a place to start! I'd recommend starting with a PCB-based one - and have some good kits for small keebs and macropads

@sg Thanks! Maybe I'll make a wee one too, with enough buttons to be a dedicated game controller.

@blueberrysoft Mostly it’s a testbed for learning how to laser cut and how to handwire a keyboard, but also I can use it for this other idea I had when I realized keebs have tiny computers in them... All I will say for now is that it’ll be a game controller for *itself*!

@sg yess.....these could make cute custom bitsy controllers...

@sg what a cool texture for the minecraft crafting table

@sg So cute ! What's on the other side of the PCB ? (apart from the microUSB plug)
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