It's time to Môsi:

Just uploaded the 1.0 release to It's a tool for creating little game worlds in your mobile or desktop browser, heavily inspired by Bitsy!

It's got sprites!
It's got music!
It's mostly programming-free, but I did add a little scripting language because I couldn't help myself.

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@sg Môsi is top on my list of "oh gosh I really want to make something in this"

@sg hmmmm is there a list of Môsi games out there? sadly a itch search turned up nothing :C

@modernmodron not yet... I have two secret mosi games, but one is a meditations game and one is a bug game I made at feral vector: (password is bugbug)

@sg oooh I really like the rounded edges and the super chunky font. also that whole game is so cute!!

@blueberrysoft Thanks! Got all the major features I want in there, so thought I might as well bump the version number :)

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