Put môsi, my tiny game engine, on today!


@sg I'm on mobile right now. Do you have any screenshots or videos?

@sg Fun. Hmm, I think you might be able to make it turing complete by doing regex matching on sets of messages (and producing messages that're a product of the match groups). It'd take effort for me to explain, but the system wouldn't be too complicated to make

@faun That could be... dangerous :)

I’m actually doing a bit of a revamp on actions in mosi to try and make it easier for beginners and more legible, but pattern matching on messages (probably going to rename them “events”) would be awesome.

I also want to have an action that’s just “run this javascript function that takes the world state as an argument and outputs a new world state.” That would grant advanced users a lot of mod-ability.

@sg Ohh sprites are considered to be facing left, in the editor, rather than right? That's messed me up

@faun Good point! I should put an indicator of default facing somewhere.

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