“Kirby is forbidden from going anwhere near the Xenomorphs. Nothing good will happen.” - G during discussion of what would happen if Kirby ate a facehugger

Obviously heavily inspired by Adam Ledoux's fantastic, amazing, wonderful game editor, Bitsy: ledoux.io/bitsy/editor.html

Môsi, my tiny game editor, is actually kinda usable now! There's not much in the way of scripting, but you can make a little world to explore.
link: sarahgould.github.io/mosi/
source: github.com/sarahgould/mosi

Game idea: you design houseboats except... house-air-boats. You are limited by size until you earn more balloons.

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It's 2018 and I'm still advising artists and creative types that want to do their own website but don't know how to code to use hotglue.me/ (and self-host it).

#Hotglue is probably the best thing that happened to the #DIY web since #GeoCities. Thx to @danjavasiliev and collaborators.

“It turns out making your own Zachtronics game is the most interesting Zachtronics game you can imagine” - @mcc, mcclure.github.io/qgcon-2018

I'm playing Charterstone with friends, and pretty much the entire appeal of that game is opening up the little boxes.

Just got to open the second Trash World News zine. Secret envelopes (and boxes) in games is so good! Even (especially?) if the game is a video game and the secret bits are physical objects.

Updates to Tomographical (my picross-like) this morning: an undo button, a thing that counts tiles as you draw them, and a killer 30x30 puzzle for the brave among you. sarahgould.itch.io/tomographic

Playing Exapunks! It’s fun to take a break from programming to... program some more.

But hey, the game sports an important non-binary npc AND an ai friend! And also tiny hacking robots!

Random guy I passed: “You’re rad.”

It’s a fact!

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I went to the Roguelike Celebration a couple weeks ago and more than anything else I was struck by the fact that, unlike at perhaps every other games event I have ever attended, the majority of people there did not seem to be dying of stress

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in roguelike dev it's normal to be working on a single game for decades, slowly growing it over time at a sustainable pace. mainstream indie feels like a bunch of people LARPing as industry-lite without the resources to keep anything going for longer than a couple of years

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This is my favorite line of the talk, on why one would make a language:

When we write code, we are restructuring our thoughts to fit the language of the computer.

When we design our own languages, we rewire the computer to match the structure of our thoughts.

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Hey, so I gave a talk at Queerness and Games Conf this weekend on making your own programming language, and it's up on the #QGCon Twitch page!

The talk went over the power dynamics of making your own language, why small-scale languages can be useful in game dev, and there's a demo of making a simple language interpreter (embedded in a JavaScript game).

You can see the slides and the code from the demo here: mcclure.github.io/qgcon-2018/

You can watch the talk here:

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