I have a retail shift in 4 hours, my neck hurts and fingers burn but I can do this.

Sexbot will be migrating servers today. Expected website downtime: up to 3 hours between 12:00 and 23:59

@sexbot I guess I might as well go to Walmart and get the few things I needed there

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I missed my transfer expiry by 2 minutes and had to pay another TTC fare -__-

horny shitpost 

Like, cis guys, sorry, but your penis is the most feminine part of your anatomy not the least.

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Routine maintenance and programming is required. Sexbot will allocate sufficient resources (time).

re: Narco violence, Mexico pol, ask for help 

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Narco violence, Mexico pol, ask for help 

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my brother is trying to buy a high-end business laptop, and all of them are basically trash

- no ports
- absolutely no Ethernet port
- RAM soldered-on, or best case is a single SODIMM slot, forget about dual channel
- thin like a paper, but huge so it's not portable anyway
- no way to opt out of windows tax
- good luck if you find one with resolution higher than 1080p
- on top of all of this, all super expensive

computing is a joke

Somehow I managed to tap my Presto card when using a day pass 😞

Not sure how much intelligence I just lost reading that question 🀯

@sexbot I’ve got a big day tomorrow, I need to make sure I’ve got everything ready tonight

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I know I have a TTC day pass at home, I hope I can find it tonight

Eglinton is slow, the wait for the subway was longer than normal, the Wellesley bus busier than normal - but I made it, I'm finally downtown!

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