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“i’m pretty god-bothered, you know. i think about god all the time. i pray a lot.”

thank you john darnielle for the very relatable feel

tilly i know you already ate your morning food, dont meow at me so small

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we fed the cat early today because she had to go to the vet so now she wants us to feed her again and she's trying to convince us that she is dying of hunger by making the saddest meow

i need to dye my hair tomorrow

being blonde for a few days was fun and all but ehh

on the bright side, i have a copy of sex and gender in ancient egypt which i am excited to read

ebooks are a bit hard for me to read-read (i find them better for referencing research and short spurts of reading) so i uploaded it to drive for me to read on my phone or ipad

i have the genderqueer flag 2/3 done

then i get to put a border on the philly pride flag, the lithsexual flag, and the genderqueer flag and then i can put them together!

not sure what sort of layout i'll be going for yet, and i still think i might want to make it 9 flags big, but this is a start

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i still want a fursona but i dont know if i would use a fursona so instead can i have my elfsona and then an otter as my daemon instead of a fursona

i now have 5 flags, 3 with borders, and chose the yarn for one more

this is actually going quite quickly

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i'm working on planning what flags to include in my pride flag blanket as a momentary break from working on the border for the flags i have completed so far

i have some yarn coming in from knitpicks for the rest of them, which will be nice

i'm taking some time to watch some episodes of the great pottery throw down and it's really good

it just sort of helps my heart

i'm continuing last year's pride flag blanket i had started-- i had originally made a scarf but decided i wanted to upgrade it to a blanket since the flags were quite big

i have 4 of them done now! :heart_agender: :heart_pride: :heart_ace: :heart_trans:

i had a typo and then lost my post and had to retype the sentiment but i got there in the end

for anyone who needs something light tonight, Rangoli Pittsburgh is having a drag show for LGBTQ+ AAPI Day of Visibility, as well as fundraising for Black Visions Collective, a PGH bail fund, and two COVID-19 relief funds

missed a spot but otherwise i'm looking super 90s and quite yellow (but my blue always covers up the straw color so i dont tone separately)

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having enough of a night that i finally got over being lazy and am bleaching my hair

:sparkles_blue: relayed

(i trimmed off the extra threads since the photo)

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i made this 3-layered mask with an old quilt project i never finished from my fiber arts class. all the front is hand-dyed and hand-printed, and the back is also hand-dyed and printed but is more of a stormy grey sort of deal with swirls of plants and rainclouds

i'm glad i finally found something to do with this project from 2015. and the title was apt advice: "embrace imperfection"

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the fabric i used for my first one is a bit lighter than i would've preferred but it's better than nothing and it's cute (it's made from an old pillowcase i found)

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today i got my sewing machine working and i made a mask

i'm so excited, i have a bunch of blue fabrics and i'm gonna make a couple so i have more than one mask available, as much as i love the rainbow one i use

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