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“i’m pretty god-bothered, you know. i think about god all the time. i pray a lot.”

thank you john darnielle for the very relatable feel

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as a millennial, I was drawn like a moth to this oversized glowing avocado

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log on for one (1) depression shitpost and then melt again into a puddle of goo

when you change out of pajamas into new pajamas so you can go downstairs to pick up a package

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when you talk slowly and softly into a microphone, that's your late-night radio voice

i just successfully lulled two of my friends to sleep by putting on a late-night radio show for them where i talked with one of them about tea and chocolate

i am:
⚪ male
⚪ female
🔘 just a broken machine and i do things that i don't really mean

i’m going to try to post on local more

(i say, posting unlisted)

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the blue hands in question were s3, which i just recolored my avatar to use! :blobross:

ended up getting rid of the weapons because i expect new memes with a new campaign, but i did add in some blue hands :ok_hand_b2:

open up my d&d discord after months

"oh yeah, i need to update all of the mutant standard emoji"

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the most commonly recognized corals inhabit shallow water reefs, but the majority of coral species are actually deep, cold water corals.

they don't form the elaborate reefs that their shallow relatives do, but they're greatly important for nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration in the deep ocean.

pictures below are deep water corals found at 4500 ft/1370 m on the Lo'ihi seamount

omg someone made a philly instance called

that's so great, i love it

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