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i love this and honestly i would be here for more cis people to examine their gender, even if and especially if they come to the conclusion that they are cis

come and get your verified check mark ☑️

i went to the pool again today which was very refreshing. got in a good 45 minutes aqua jogging even though pain levels are high today

honestly my thought process isn’t so much “exercise 💪” so much as it is “water time 😌”

now that the attack has been received, i can post it here! i really like this one. it's of @whoispage's fursona, Alot

i've gotta do more little friends like this :D

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i dont often look at the federated timeline but i think today is a nice day to just let it scroll in my sidebar and see if there isn't anything nice

my friend surprised me while i was out in the woods by attacking me immediately as art fight started

looks like it's time to break out my supplies because she will not get away with such a heinous deed

my art fight profile is up! i might add some more stuff as time goes on, but i at least have something there to get started

if you're participating lmk! i'd love to follow you :D

if you want these images let me know, i'm happy to share the files

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i've been vibing more with sekhyt as a term recently and made myself some emoji based on one of the flags (

the changes i made was to even out the width of the stripes, remove the gold spots from the lapis lazuli-colored section. those were both visual choices that the original creator made but i feel like if it were to catch on and eventually be made as a physical object that those elements would be easiest to lose to simplify it

from left to right there is a mutant-standard type flag (with the shen enlarged for visual purposes), a version with the shen at closer to the original size just in the white stripe, and then a sparkling heart to match the other sparkling pride flag heart emoji i have

and of course, i got some video of the ocean just to round out the whole day

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it was a beautiful day today. definitely one of the loveliest days i've had in a while

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i can't believe people are just posting my social media nowadays

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This piece is titled 'growing in the weeds' inspired by the Mountain Goats song 'Wild Sage'.

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for anyone interested in symmetra minesweeper, here is the workshop code:

it's actually quite well-made! props to the creator for bringing back my favorite custom game

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