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who doesnt need a travel-sized fish stela?

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“i’m pretty god-bothered, you know. i think about god all the time. i pray a lot.”

thank you john darnielle for the very relatable feel

today i:
1. survived work training
2. picked up my medication
3. got a snack at cvs with the coupon they gave me when i got my prescription

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Laptop stickers are just bumper stickers for nerds

i found this lovely (linen?) pillowcase in the donated fabrics at work today

i want to make something for myself with it but i’m not sure what

i need to find a mug making class because i found my favorite handmade mug broken this morning

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for some reason, even though i don't have the energy for podcasts lately, i've really just wanted to listen to the hilarious world of depression

for those not familiar with the podcast, it's a podcast about depression and mental illness but it's all interviews with comedians and other people about their experiences

ok so the bus came late and i don’t have time to get to the post office but i did speak to someone about overwatch and the philly fusion and i was the one to start the conversation!!

usps senpai please give me my mail back

it’s off to the post office to speak to someone in person!!

i have called 4 different numbers so far about 25 calls in all, and now i am going to the usps main office in my city to talk to someone in person because they wont pick up their phone

this is hell!!!!

the post office wont pick up the phone and i know it's because they are always busy but *sheesh*

why cant we have daemons for real though

i want to get some gouache but i also don't want to get sucked into the hype around the cute tiktok palette but it's so cute.....

i made it through spring of year one in my new stardew valley save

i dont know why it felt so long but it was a long time

today i went to a proper furniture store for the first time to get a couch and apparently it was a customer appreciation day and they gave us a discount and a random free decanter??

i’m gonna put pothos plant cuttings or some lucky bamboo in it in water

i want to romance elliott and yet i have barely been able to find him to talk to him

i blame the rain

i replaced my cat in stardew valley with vaporeon

due to my new friday schedule i have a whole two hours for lunch where i just sit in the break room and fuck around online

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