pokemon league card 

all my money on beautiful clothes

pokemon, team skull 

come on, look at this. too much style for me


calmly waiting for things to sell on market


the new gown of healing from eden is cute


i dont know how to do a good looking factory, it always end up as a mess

caves of qud 

I can't use acid to get cool items anymore :blobcatdead:

caves of qud 

really happy that i can set my horns as my primary limb now and do a build around them.

game, caves of qud 

i'm amazed, it feels natural and it's really beautiful to see.

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game, caves of qud 

what is this? omg, i don't play for a while and that's what the UI becomes? this ui is awesome!

even on low settings, my magics on ffxiv is still pretty to see :blobcatreach:

So... i started playing Warframe, got a few things from prime. A new warframe, it seems. Ember good

arrived today, now just waiting for the time that i can invite people to play


i mean, monkeys popping ballons. fantastic game


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