me at the moment in the corner of my room thinking about my life and the shit some decisions can be, no matter what option i choose

college, lack of motivation, depression, help 

I was thinking about organizing study time so i can have a way to get used to the whole process but i'm clueless about what to do.

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college, lack of motivation, depression, help 

And i'm actually on a lot of classes that only goes to fundamentals of a lot of concepts about design, UML and user experience that sounds a lot boring to go through it but it seems that could be importante later on.

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college, lack of motivation, depression, help 

Please, help me. Just a little motivation or what i could do to improve so i don't wasthe the money from people that are helping me pay as i am unemployed at the moment.

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college, lack of motivation, depression, help 

I'm actually a little unmotivated. I can't keep up with college. I can get through most classes doing the bare minimum when I'm in a hurry because I've left all the chores for the last few days to do.

I'm really having a hard time keeping up with college, I usually don't pay attention to things and I tend to look for help on the internet and other things.

It's not that I don't like what I'm doing right now, but it's really hard for me to get the motivation to continue classes when I'm completely…yes, I'm lazy. Lazy or too depressed to keep up.

I know I'm not a famous person in this place, but I'd really like some opinions on my situation and how to proceed.

I've been thinking about leaving the college, i have made about 0 projects and stuff while at it even if i'm still learning a lot of the fundamentals things about software engineer("learning" but i almost dont watch any classes)

Time to protect Fort Ranik from the Charrs (i hope i don't die again in the mission lol)

died in gw1 mission, i think its time to sleep

I tried doing all pre-searing quests in guild wars 1 prophecies... but i fucked up with one and then i just give up and started pos-searing.

Apparently, that one that i fucked up, if i go into a party with someone that already completed it, i can't complete it cause the NPC will be changed to the "complete state" after the quest itself. Funny 🤔

How the fuck am i supposed to remember 42 different ways of winning that thing? God 😭

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I have a new passion: mahjong.

I just need to learn how to win now...

can't get 75 armor gear on gw1 cause i dont have money xd

Wich is actually how GW2 was supposed to work? But it does not feel good for me.

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Actually, it feels like a lot of the progress depend on doing side quests and stuff across the map.

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But still feel rewarding though with the reputation system, unlocking more skills and things that i probably didn't even notice yet

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I'm still a bit lost on Guild Wars 1 regarding skills and a lot of stuff but i think that the difference that makes it more enjoyable than the second game is... quests. I like having quests. I don't feel lost in the game.

It feels completely different because of them. But it comes with the problem that i accept everything and my progress seems slow because of it lol

i'm not really the creative type to do something good but electric zine maker is a fine piece of software

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