anyways today in "i only remember mastodon exists to stalk @dconley and blissfully subtweet about my suddenly and surprisingly extant personal life" this has been segfaultvicta, local gay disaster,

the toot that this is a follow-up to is on a now-defunct instance but

i am really really /really/ happy and about to have what will almost certainly be the best weekend of my entire life so far

which is a weird thing to, like, /know about in advance/ but i'm pretty confident about this one

on the other hand the second thing I saw was someone exhorting people to use image descriptions rather forcefully but kindly so i'm immediately happy again

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"either commit to using Mastodon, or don't" is a great thing to log into this instance for the first time and see, when at this point the only reason I even use Mastodon is to continue to follow one specific human who doesn't use Twitter or FB anymore, and right after my existing Mastodon presence retroactively doesn't exist anymore because of a high-school bullshit modfight

i guess that's ONE way to write a hello world post, lol


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