The EU comission offers a reward (up to 5000 € + 20 % if a solution is presented) for finding security vulnerabilities in the following open source software: LibreOffice, LEOS, Mastodon, Odoo and CryptPad

so does this means there is like … an interal EU comission mastodon?

@jollysea One day later and I still can’t shake the question: Which custom emoji do they use?!


@schokopflaster I guess the emojis are "standard" emojis but blue instead of yellow 🇪🇺

@schokopflaster and then it came to me: "joël, you are a journalist! you can just ask them!"
and so I did.


@jollysea :O oh my glob! Livehack! Ich bin so gespannt!

@jollysea Das ist der investigative Journalismus, der der Welt (und dem Fediverse) fehlt. Hoffe auf super spannende Antwort, vor allem bzgl. der Emoji. :GoldenApple:

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