I'm not a gameing person, but I feel like telling you about the games from the racial justice bundle that I'm trying. My feelings: to be found in this thread.

Gameing: Sewer Rave 

I like rats, so I thought this was cool and tried it first! It's… not my kind of thing. It looks fun and nice and artsy but I don't like 3D things, especially the less gentle ones, so I didn't have much fun and quit after less than 5 minutes probably.


Gameing: Vilmonic 

I feel tricked! I don't really like crafting, but this is cute and simple to play and feels very smooth and non-overwhelming and also has crafting. Apparently the creatures will evolve a lot! I haven't played it for that long yet, but it's cute already.

Gameing: Democratic Socialism Simulator 

Yeah this one is fun. Cute graphics, not too cheesy, simple and straightforward and it is possible to get a good result without being too much of an asshole. Its ideas of how to convince people of a thing are not the most complex ones, but well, it's a fun game.

Gameing: Hidden Folks 

I like the calm concept: You have to find a bunch of things in a large messy picture. I don't really feel cozy feelings for the drawing style though, so I don't think I'll try this again.

Gameing: Visual Out 

Oooh this is pretty. It is also confusing and frustrating, but I can totally see myself spending an hour with this one now and then. Cybersad.

Gameing: KIDS 

In this, you get to push people into holes and through tubes that look a lot like intestines. I really enjoyed playing it although it did give me motion sickness.

Gameing: Beglitched 

"My mouse battery will only expire when it rains. It was a curse a witch put on me when I was little. Curse or not, she was cool."

I really, really like this game, I think.

It puts you in the place of a cute hacker. Everything has nice colors and is pretty and is mostly puzzle-y I think. It has repeating instructions and is very very gentle in teaching how to play, which, ooof, so important. It's also creative and cute.


Gameing: Beglitched 

What I like the most about it is that it feels very shadowrun-y in a way, with all the "fighting things in the matrix", and the special programs you get to make stuff easier. Just, in very very cute and calm.

Gameing: Celeste 

I know that everyone loves it and that's why I tried it. However, I don't think I enjoy jumpy games where you can fall down and die at all. It does feel a bit friendlier than others of that sort, but it is still hard and stressful. I enjoy games where you click and chill.


The opening bored me half to death, and there is a lot of imo unnecessary movement of, like, text boxes and stuff, that is making me sick. Not gonna try this again I think.

Gameing: adjacency 

I like the concept of this puzzle thingie! I got bored/frustrated with it soon, but I did enjoy it and can imagine playing it again.

Gameing: Satellite Repairman 

This one is sooo pretty. It did remind me of the "color of the sky" meme on tumblr but eh, whatever, I do like the colors of the sky. And that concept! Playing someone who jetpacks around to fix satellites! I love it.

Moving around made me feel a bit sick though, and docking to satellites is too hard for my taste, and also I stopped after the first two tutorials because intercepting missiles sounded too stressful.


Gameing: Satellite Repairman 

So yeah I think I'll pick that one up again, but probably won't actually get into it, and probably will be a bit sad about that.

Sidenote, all the prettiness can't stop me from eyerolling about the "repairMAN". Of course he is.

No Gameing 

Also, a list of the games that I wanted to try but that either don't start or don't seem to work properly:

Astaeria (starts but uuuuh nothing then)
Milkmaid of the Milky Way (started the first time and I liked it and was looking forward to continuing and hasn't started since then! I am not happy!!)

Gameing: Radical Solitaire 

It's solitaire in pixeley glitchey, and to change which card you get to take from that stack next, you get play a brick smash minigame. It is infuriating! I love it so much, it is perfect. :3 This is the kind of frustrating that I enjoy. Absurd and slow and making me eyeroll lovingly.


Gameing: Radical Solitaire 

I love that that itch lets folks use custom names for the kind of thing they upload. Radical Solitaire is a "waste of time".

"You own this waste of time"
"A downloadable waste of time for Windows, macOS, and Linux"
"In order to download this waste of time you must…"
"Support this waste of time at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive."

Also btw, the itch page has a lot of flashing gifs. You can make the game itself much less flashy with F6.

Gameing: Radical Solitaire 

Oh gosh, that person's other works also look wonderfully horrible. I am an intrigued kitty. vectorhat.itch.io/

Btw if you want to see some games from the bundle sorted by accessibility needs, representation and other such categories, see this great list here that @frameacloud started: docs.google.com/document/d/11e

And consider adding the games that you've tried out!

@maunzi @frameacloud Oooh, many thanks!
Farming games *___*
Now I know which they are.

(Unfortunately I also now know that there are ZERO Hamster games </3)

@schokopflaster @maunzi

Here you go, turns out there was a hamster game in the bundle! "Michtim: Fluffy Adventures" is about hamster-like fantasy beings. I had it in the "rodents and small mammals" section. I wasn't sure they were supposed to be like hamsters or some other little critter, until I just now noticed the game creator tagged it "hamsterpunk." Seems there's a lot about the game that you would like. They're nonbinary hamsters. Take a look: grimogre.itch.io/michtim

@frameacloud @maunzi
Oh my glob, oh my glob, oh my glob! Thank you for finding this gem! It's incredible! And so fluffy! That the hamus are even non binary that's such a nice touch!!
I'm already on the lookout for people to play it with.
Thanks again for finding it and remembering me :)


:O What a coincidence!
At least they're from Graz, not Vienna.

Unfortunately the game is still written in English, which is a major obstacle for the friends I'll urge to play with me :|


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