⚠️ PSA to all Germans ⚠️

Starting tomorrow, Telekom and Telefonica will hand over your phone's movement data to the government and other authorities.

It is opt-out, not opt-in!

Deactivate ASAP.

Telekom: optout-service.telekom-dienste

O2: telefonica.de/dap/selbst-entsc

@koyu god the telefonica site is garbage on mobile
Cant get further then step 3 because it cuts off the part i have to tap to get to step 4 and opt out

@Jonly @koyu Didn’t work unfortunately. But after 3 tries I now have to wait 24hrs to try again. What a nightmare of a web service.

Try using the desktop version of the website. That should work better for e.g. FF.
@Jonly @koyu

@schokopflaster @Jonly @koyu Did you forget to strip the local/international prefix (0049/0)? It worked for me afterwards (you'll receive a SMS right away) ...

@m_ueberall @Jonly @koyu Nah, the SMS thing worked for me. They just never showed the „abmelden“ button.

@schokopflaster @m_ueberall @Jonly if you try to opt-out from the telekom you don't have an "abmelden" button. once you sent the code from the sms to the website it will be opt-out automatically. the "opt-out" is just an anonymization of the data anyway so yes, data will still be collected.

@koyu @m_ueberall @Jonly Yeah, telekom worked fine for me. (Unfortunately I‘m not with Telekom but E-Plus/Aldi Talk/Telefonica so I absolutely don’t know whether the Telekom opt out is sufficient or not.)

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