Hey everyone, I‘m looking for advice regarding instance-choices.

:heart_trans_white: :heart_nb: :heart_gq:
A friend of mine (really) is looking for an instance where she can connect with nonbinary, genderqueer and trans feminine folks. Languages: English,m but german would be ok as well.
As she‘s not on Masto yet, perhaps choosing the right instance would make finding a community easier for her.

Hints and shares would be much appreciated.

@schokopflaster cybre space, slime global, plush vity, awoo space, toot cat, are all instances that are good and have non binary users (and other queer users, and furries)

@schokopflaster I'm always surprised just how widespread LGBT folk are here! TBH, you could pick based on other characteristics, and they'd find a welcome home. ^_^

That said, is good - it's a cozy instance.

@porsupah @schokopflaster I agree, was one of my first instances and I still know and chat with many cool people there! They also have a forum which is kinda quiet but cool to look at and partake in! Also, if your friend is looking for some nb friends, im here!

@schokopflaster I can say that has a lot of nice folks that might fit the bill. Boosting so you can get further input and suggestions.

@targrus @schokopflaster is accepting reg again, seems like that would be a good fit.

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