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Music of the Now: John Cooper Clarke, "Beasley Street"

(No idea why it's titled "Beezly Street on the screen, it's clearly labeled on the LP)

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Today I learned that Linux (or at least certainly Ubuntu) will enable power saving mode on a wifi device by default. This resulted in me getting ~300ms pings to my machine on my LAN and very laggy ssh sessions. You can turn it off permanently as described here (or temporarily as described in the question post):

some of you will likely find this useful:

Free Japanese Pictograms from Experience Japan:

I found a Warren Zevon song I'd never heard before

Kerouac of the Now: Warren Zevon and Michael Wolff, "Running Through - Chinese Poem Song"

it's always funny to find a company website that still pushes its G+ page.

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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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rubbing my homie down with sunscreen, nice and good, before he does the same for me. it's not gay, he's my smørrebro

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I came here to Mastodon for multiple reasons. I didn't want to support corporate social networks, sure. I didn't want to read stuff without content warning, yes.

But I came here most of all because I have faced hurtful abuse by troll armies over on birdsite. I've seen my friends from the feminist & PIPoC & LGBTIQ communities being harassed and silenced.

I'm here, because I know I can trust the admins & mods of my instances to protect me. I know I'm not alone. I know they have my back!

Two evenings ago at the marina. As they days grow clearer I will hopefully take more pics

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When you write in Bokmål or Danish, Americans will assume you're trying to write English whilst having a stroke

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