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@seances cybre 500 errors my images multiple times requiring me to reload every time it happens. it's too much. i want an instance that won't decide my images aren't uploadable.

@xenophora I'm embarrassed at how quickly I transport in time when a Level 42 song comes on

I've promoted this instance EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. one of my pieces is published, in every single book I put out, every single journal I am printed in.

And I have to give it up, and maybe find somewhere else.

cybre no longer wants me to post my concrete poetry here.


cybre continues to 500 error my image uploads. I am about ready to jump

so if I upload multiple images and the last one doesn't load, I have to delete all of them and reload cybre in order to load the images. FUCK. I mean, seriously?

S Cearley relayed

lewd text 

if you text me at 6:30am it better be this

nirvana (specifically Kurt Cobain) 

Nirvana probably had a greater affect on me than any other band. But now, thirty years later, I can say that the greatest thing Kurt Cobain did (and is greater than 99.999% of what humanity has accomplished) is his expression change from his "friend of the guy who is threatening you" look after singing the line "Nature is a whore" to his "Hello I am happy to sell you a waterbed today" look after singing "bruises on the fruit" in the "In Bloom" video.

if cybre kaks out on a media upload I have to reload the page to upload media. I really, REALLY hate this.

there is this simultaneously weird and frustrating gap in the Inkscape documentation about Open SVG fonts.

I know they work, I am looking at them. but how to I manipulate them within the program? I'm not interested in fiddling with the xml

it is really strange that "chips" mean very different types of fried potatoes in American vs British English.

...yet "fish and chips" came into the american lexicon without a second thought.

@poiseunderchaos this is a wild selection for a trumpet player who is gonna play miked. Had to be for the looks. Which I dig.

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