Me: Just reflecting yet again on how awful the 1980s were.

Also Me: [leans out back door]🎶 Hip Hip Hoorayyyyy 🎶Yippie-kay yippie-kay YAYYYYY 🎶 Be lucky in looooove 🎶 (as two squirrels and a passing jay look on in secondhand embarrassment)

@xenophora I'm embarrassed at how quickly I transport in time when a Level 42 song comes on

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@scearley That's a legit super-power, though. Even better than the kid in *Dazzler & The Beast* whose power was changing the color of flowers.

@xenophora @scearley

isn't this a conflation of both Level 42 and ABC? (which to be fair is relatively easy to do, similarly with Howard Jones and Nik Kershaw)

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