Have you ever sent a fax?

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@scearley I had to send a lot when I changed my name for Gender Reasons

@scearley The only reason I voted yes is because of ResistBot.

@scearley @mood we still do several times a month at the office. More efficient than letters and mostly the same legal status in Germany


I don’t really get the hate tbh

@scearley I think I once used an email-to-fax gateway service to send in some student-loan related nonsense.

I'm not sure if that counts.

@scearley yeah, either for, like, a background check, or for changing my name? I can't recall. but yes. once, maybe twice.

Oh also working at hospital we'd get faxed orders from doctors. but that's more receiving.

@scearley someone pointed out that our office had a fourth phone line that used to go to a fax machine, which didn't exist anymore and clearly no one needed

So, instead of cancelling the phone line, they gave us a new fax machine

I've sent what I believe is the only received fax, as a gag

@scearley I'm not sure

I know I've been near a fax machine that was receiving a fax in multiple locations

I think the most exotic fax I've sent was on behalf of someone faxing a hotel in Cuba.

@scearley yes but as a joke to someone's home phone number

Little known fact: 18.37% of toots on Japan Mastodon are sent by fax.

@scearley no but my dad faxed in my neopets permission form

@scearley I used to work in an office that needed to send documents that could be accepted by courts and signed faxes are accepted

@wolfie I worked for a company that used to accept signed documents by fax. Until I pulled the company layer aside in the print room, grabbed a copy of a document he previously signed, cut a printout of text saying that I had unlimited PTO authorized, taped it over the original text of the document, then faxed the doctored document from one of our fax machines to the other, and showed him the result.

We started requiring courier delivered, notarized documents only after that.

@BalooUriza I'm in the UK and it was the civil service, the only time anyone was done for faking a fax was when they backdated a court document, but they didn't amend anything just printed out and signed it with a previous date to try and fake that it had met a court deadline

@scearley I'd love to see a variation of this poll that specifies "using a standalone device designed specifically for the sending and receiving of faxes" to eliminate all of the e-faxes

@scearley if any of the no voters would like to, my fax number is (580) 4-GRACE-5.

@CocoCoconuts @scearley the best part of old faxes was the big ass thermal fax paper.

@scearley I sent a fax to neopets with permission from my parents to upgrade from a kid account to a tween account

@scearley Sent faxes, received faxes, used email to fax services... You do a surprising amount of faxing as a truck driver even in today's age of advanced computer tech!

@scearley how do virtual fax (from PDF to some email to virtual printers) count?

@scearley since I was a child and the company I'm currently at still sends/receives them daily.

Kinda tempted to install a fax modem so I can just let them use a PC for all things fax related but they seem to love that big old Panasonic thing. 📠​

That machine is well over a decade old and still running daily. They really don't build them like they used to.

@scearley funny story, just last week my friend was having trouble submitting their resume to a company to which they were applying for a job - online form was down, no email contact info. Funny enough, the company had a fax number listed. My friend faxed them their resume and ended up getting a phone interview scheduled 😂

@scearley I voted yes, but the truth is I didn't understand how the machine works and I didn't actually send anything, I just thought I did…

@scearley I have not personally sent a fax but had to ask my dad to send one because it was one of the ways you could return the permission slip to use the neopets message boards

@scearley It was either that or use the phone to call the dairy to place the milk order

@scearley as a worker in a hospital, i am in very regular contact with faxes, sending and receiving at least one or two a day.

@scearley I regularly send faxes, because it saves a lot of postage.

@scearley i heckin’ worked in a copy centre, so i was sending faxes for customers multiple times a day

@scearley Nope, fax was dead long before I came of a relevant age for it.

@scearley the replies on this are fascinating and now I feel mildly guilty for initially thinking "no, 1988's been over for a while now"

I really have a fax number, my ISP offers me a fax sending and receiving service. I have to say that I use it very rarely. But it works.

@scearley im really surprised about how many yes votes there are, i dont remember ever seeing a fax machine in person. Im guessing some countries make way more use of faxes than others

@scearley Used to be that you were required to send a fax to register an EV SSL certificate.

@scearley Only once! To the ACM, the Association of Computing Machinery, the only association using fax that I had to deal with at some point.

@scearley ever since i began working in a medical-adjacent field, my whole work life has become faxes

so many fucking faxes

@scearley prior to that though i also had to send some faxes in a past job, to various midwest construction firms that apparently didn't have an email address. in the year of our lord 2017.

@scearley also, people are still sending out junk mail via fax :P

basically, fax is very much not dead in certain fields

Voted yes. Not through a machine, though. Using a computer.

@scearley that's how I used to have to apply for jobs and send resumes

@scearley Business in France still use that thing. Not much now, but when I started working ≈15 years ago I would have to send at least one each week.

@scearley No but I made an API call that resulting in a fax being sent.

Once every fax machine is actually an API, we can just send each other packets and end this mummer's farce. And not pay for something that should be free.
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