I have put in thousands of hours on my poetry generator over the past three years. Thousands. It gets rough, sometimes I feel like I should get rid of the whole thing and simply write poems on my own.

But every so often, the computer writes something for me that makes it all worthwhile. Like tonight, when it gave me this line:

@Angle no it's cobbled from research I did for a professor in grad school. It's my code, but not *really* mine to give away, since it's based on all of his work and research.

@scearley Oh man I wish there was a game that I could wander around and read generated poems from this. Like my reward from dungeon crawling would be to find a book with a poem generated just for me by that program. Cool stuff though. I hope it can find a way to open source one day. It is interesting how words have a different identity when they come from a computer, I feel more free to interpret them however I want than with a (direct) human author lol.

@scearley oh me oh my, that first paragraph (“I have put in thousands...”) is epic and belongs carved in stone somewhere at an Ivy League library. Or a dril tweet.

@demonkind if you write this on a stone and chuck it through a library window pls don't sign my name to it

@scearley One of the main characters of Homestuck. This sounds like part of one of his more dramatic speeches.

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