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I am a former artificial intelligence philosopher. As much as academia is for me a PhD was not. These days I am using my past experience in poetry and AI writing to create concrete poetry.

You can see all of my/the computer's work at -
The "quarterly reports" are PDFs of every concrete poem of mine posted online in the three months stated.

I post concrete poems on Masto (and birdsite) every Thursday using the hashtag in the fediverse.

realized, after all this time, that I could modify a charles nelson reilly Match Game gif to say anything I wanted. why didn't I think of this before?


I'm reading Comrade Rockstar rn and I have to say the wildest thing about his wild life is that he *kept paying the IRS every year*

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Cesar Milan is doing a speaking tour at casinos? weird. I mean, ok get that bread but weird

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Just learned about this handbook for making complex visual images such as charts, diagrams, mathematical graphs, and more. It's super helpful for anyone posting educational content online! Plus, it's #CC licensed. #a11y

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Give away the razors, sell the blades
Give away the printers, sell the ink
Give away the fear, sell the peace of mind

ok somewhere between 1000 and 1100 words added to the paper on concert posters as US concrete poetry. I've already presented this almost three years ago now, but I have to actually write and re-write it because I have more to say.

i just had a flash of an idea that I could revise the poetry generator to possibly generate first-order logic sentences for logic tables

Somebody keeps driving by the mayor's house leaving authentic western horse troughs on his lawn. As a matter of pride he has refused to pick them up, and now wild thirsty horses have been drawn like magnets to the site. The mayor says he can't go outside because these horses eat human meat.

I have added three new cookbooks to the Community Cookbooks - two from Pendleton, Oregon, and one from Seaside, Oregon.

Check out all 98(!!) cookbooks here:

PORTLAND hurry down to the PNCA and check out the reading starting at 6:30.... I will be reading "suburbs of the eggs" and "the key of Sunshine."

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