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I am a former artificial intelligence philosopher. As much as academia is for me a PhD was not. These days I am using my past experience in poetry and AI writing to create concrete poetry.

You can see all of my/the computer's work at -
The "quarterly reports" are PDFs of every concrete poem of mine posted online in the three months stated.

I post concrete poems on Masto (and birdsite) every Thursday using the hashtag in the fediverse.

i have to be at 600 dpi minimum just to feel anything

Cover of the Now: Michael Leonhart Orchestra, "Big Bottom / Lonely Woman"

il faut accepter la personnalité comme elle est. il ne faut jamais regretter qu'un poète est saoul, il faut regretter que les saouls ne soient pas toujours poètes


alc & other related chemicals, death 

I covet Jack Hues' (on the right) suit in Wang Chung's "Let's Go" video. A very rare GOOD 80s suit.

I'm back on quilting my poems and it's looking SO good. Especially now that I've figured out a good way to get the pieces "cut" and "patched".

"It is too easy to see people as laughable or pathetic, absurd or contemptible. This was a convenient way of masking the painful impact they could have upon my life." -Nicholas Freeling

"a 1974 spoken word and concept album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley."

I thought I would try getting the computer to do some asemic writing and....and it's got a real Ed Emberley vibe.

I made a great poem tonight. Things are alright.

I was going for wicker, but now that I'm here, I'm thinking we can go farther. Deeper. Pricier. I'm thinking from here we can work towards......

Faberge Egg.

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I just recorded an hour-long semi-instructional video on how to make some stuff in HyperCard and also use basic HyperTalk commands. YouTube is taking its sweet time processing it, but here is a preview. #hyperjam

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Today's cufflinks (cw: animal product) 

WILDLY unexpected job search result 

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