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I am a former artificial intelligence philosopher. As much as academia is for me a PhD was not. These days I am using my past experience in poetry and AI writing to create concrete poetry.

You can see all of my/the computer's work at -
The "quarterly reports" are PDFs of every concrete poem of mine posted online in the three months stated.

I post concrete poems on Masto (and birdsite) every Thursday using the hashtag in the fediverse.

This song suddenly broke loose in my head. What hidden memory sector became unglued

more designs = more self-promo/masks 

Cover of the Now: The Clash, "Police On My Back" (live in Tokyo, 2 Jan 1982)

Cover of the Now: Die Toten Hosen w/ Ronnie Biggs, "Police On My Back"

(If you are unaware of Ronnie Biggs you might google him)

image of playboy bunnies at the playboy club (not nude) 

I want Robert Alexandru to get a regular writing gig based on this one sentence comment on the Alien Ant Farm "Smooth Criminal" video


I said before that my next computer would be built new for linux but *waves hand around* all this has made production hard, so I am once more looking at used lappies.

I come to yall asking if Macbuntus are meaningfully better than other used (non-refurb) laptops.

Ianthe Brautigan reads Richard Brautigan's "One Afternoon in 1939" on what would have been his 76th birthday.

Honestly I was so captivated by how she has reconstructed the poem on a spool that I lost my place in the reading.

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