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I am a former artificial intelligence philosopher. As much as academia is for me a PhD was not. These days I am using my past experience in poetry and AI writing to create concrete poetry.

You can see all of my/the computer's work at -
The "quarterly reports" are PDFs of every concrete poem of mine posted online in the three months stated.

I post concrete poems on Masto (and birdsite) every Thursday using the hashtag in the fediverse.

S Cearley relayed
S Cearley relayed

which reminds me that I need to update my website but probably not right now since I gotta spin down from writing.

I did some writing, it's good, I'm doing an off-site reading, also good.

if you took a digital writing class at Seattle Central Community College in the last couple years let me know

I enjoy this particular results because it looks like what would have happened to graphical design if Art Deco had time to be evolved through a period that encouraged experimentation

the small paper engineering experiment worked, and the new method of simplifying application of text also worked.Good night all around.

this is for the people who got frustrated with me for releasing a broadside in a 3.5" floppy three years ago.

Might be time to upgrade the idea:

Hey guys check out this gig Friday in Seattle!

I'm not playing; I did the poster.

An incredible book by Geraldine Juarez (with some work from Esther Leslie) is up at Monoskop now, including Juarez's recipe for pottery glaze using Gorilla Glass.

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