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I am a former artificial intelligence philosopher. As much as academia is for me a PhD was not. These days I am using my past experience in poetry and AI writing to create concrete poetry.

You can see all of my/the computer's work at -
The "quarterly reports" are PDFs of every concrete poem of mine posted online in the three months stated.

I post concrete poems on Masto (and birdsite) every Thursday using the hashtag in the fediverse.

new idea for skunkworks I will try to work out this weekend

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sometimes my fuckups are better than anything I mean to do

yes this means that the PDF links to posted poems are deleted. They are in the quarterly report.

website updated!

You can find the newly released 2nd quarter of FY 2019 Quarterly Report there, as well as news! updates! old news too!

apparently there's not a good method of selecting objects in vector graphics and reversing their z-space. I guess I can understand why, it is a kind of four-color map / traveling salesman problem.
But I am getting a feeling of "I should be doing my homework instead of this" while I try to noodle this out.

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I finally have some of these cufflink (adjacent) objects.
These are most often seen/sold as card cheating devices, but definitely are not.

The cheat is supposed to put a card in the alligator clip and hide it in their sleeve. But it's an alligator clip, it would ruin a card.

It is actually for holding a detachable cuff; the clip holds the seam of the sleeve.

I previously put out a chapbook of dot-to-dot versions of Richard Brautigan poems, available on the website:

there was a submission call I was thinking about so I busted out the different "connect the dots" algos I have, playing around, getting ideas.

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