one of the cooler things i've done is that i write letters to myself from the past and into the future. sometimes a month or two from now. sometimes several months. sometimes a year. it's neat to read because then i discover how much i've changed.

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it's always neat to go through these pages, reading through where i have been and where i hoped to go.

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i have two libraries. one traditional one and one made entirely by me. its made up of volumes of sketches, journals, and notes of varieties of subjects. followed with footnotes, references, reminders, special highlights, books and page numbers.

but i am not sure if i am getting signals where i should be?

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at any rate, i am not entirely sure if i am getting noise into other parts of the signal chain. i'm still figuring out if i am getting intermodulation distortion or not.

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i definitely need a new antenna. new project, new antenna.

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someone else i know that is doing this radio thing noticed that there's a need for a shield over the LO (local oscillator). after inspection of my parts, i'm not sure if i need it as well? i don't think i do.

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working through this radio thing -- it appears that i have absolutely no idea what i am doing.

whew finding places to loiter online isn't what it used to be.

kinda sucks when you're looking for some chill company.

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browsing through discord on yet another night. so far there's so many servers that could be awesome, but they're so dead.

if i can get this damn thing done i can go back to playing hackthebox.

so i'm making printf statements within this nested while and for loops to see what is happening and if it's doing what it needs to be, and just spews too much information and kills itself.

the russian roulette of printf.

lol its 1am and i want to go to sleep but i need to get this done. eugh. i just want to be cuddled up right now. :<

hopefully that just serves as more motivation to finish my scraper to end all scrapers.

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finishing up writing some C. it's been a while i had time to do some of these fun challenges. makes me nostalgic of ladum dare.

i'm listening to grimes perform in her own lit studio for a seattle radio station on youtube. and thinking about a lot. this weekend was very comfi, and when that happens, i become very acutely aware of what is missing.


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