what does ffmpeg mean anyway

file formats man, possibly extremely gay

The worst part of French language is that "more" and "no more" are said the same way

This whole website is cute and interesting, i wish i had more time to spend on it

People who learned french as a second language: why?

Fight Club intro but instead of collecting Ikea furniture you collect Ikea plushies

twitter link 

twitter link 

Godot seems sooooo great

Too bad i got such i massiveheadache i can't explore it more tonight ;-;

internet vs irl relationships 

Trans femmes reach one year on HRT and choose a class:

* Androgynous femmby with great fashion
* Goth/punk girl
* Anarcho-socialist lesbian
* Pansexual, polyamorous thot
* Overcompensating asshole with toxic femininity
* Asexual who is really big on their hobbies
* Super Woman, defender of all trans folk everywhere
* Normie who doesn't want to talk about trans things ever
* Programmer/sysadmin
* Struggling artist/musician

Honestly linux is cool but i do miss being able to play stuff like ff14 and some other softwares

Received my second drive for my laptop, i'll try to install it soon and put a Windows on it

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