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About time to switch to my account I think

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A proton physics run at the #LHC when things don't go wrong

Been seeing lots of edits of the momlife comic recently

@silverspookgames I saw the stream you did with Luna and others a couple of days ago. Really interesting!

watching Nancy Pelosi's plane getting closer to Taiwan. looked at airspace maps of the region and hoo boy, ROC lays claim to parts of the Chinese mainland

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the amount of email getting rejected by gmail is too damn high!

Comrades at have just released a guide to the mathematics of economic planning. Check it out! It's available both in English and in Spanish

Wait a minute.. transcoding. Trans. My gott. It was in front of us all this time

I see BadEmpanada has coined an excellent term: dronie. As in Biden is a dronie.

I've been catching up on the latest school shooting in the US and the cops' actions are just.. I know pro-gun people, and all of them agree that they would rather take a bullet in place of any of those kids. and I find myself agreeing with them. absolutely disgraceful

watching Silicon Valley which I somehow haven't before. as someone who's into codecs, data compression etc this is great

I uploaded this thing to YouT*be earlier today. Might as well share it here too. Maskinerna är våra vänner (The machines are our friends) by Kjell Höglund, with English subtitles

anprims returned to monke and gave everyone monkey pox. all according to plan

Lately I've been working a lot with the format of the future: JPEG 2000

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