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So I've been catching up with the @forktogether wiki, and the gist seems to be to run a project like a Swedish förening. This is fairly common in larger free software projects, and potentially a good way to avoid some issues Mastodon currently has (namely the very poor truck factor). Or perhaps it's just overkill bureaucracy, who knows.

There are some things in the list of requirements may not be possible, given how both OStatus and ActivityPub work. Blocking federation for certain instances is potentially one of these, modulo authentication stuff.

Accessibility sounds good. Probably requires a UI written from scratch to be maximally compatible (not relying on JS for example).

I don't see any code yet, but that seems to be because what to fork off of isn't decided yet. So a cleaner codebase like Pleroma could be an option. Plus that's written in Erlang, which is clearly the cooler language compared to Ruby (:

I showed you my source code answer me

Eagerly refreshing the page for my latest prod eagerly expecting feedback even though it's just a compofiller

Forecast for Wednesday is 32°C DDD:

Throwing together a little compofiller for High Coast Hack in Härnösand. Sneak peeks later, possibly (:

@taoeffect I don't get how any of that matters. "Who cares" is still a very apt response. So long as the military industrial complex gets the wars they want, the whys hardly matter. The budget is going to be spent.

You'd be better off working toward drastically reducing US military spending, say by 90%. Assuming you live there of course. Or any other way one person might reduce the death and suffering caused by that institution.

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What's the deal with sites that have garbage css (like blue on brown) unless you enable scripts and 3rd party domains

is anyone else having trouble getting updates from the network? 6 weeks behind and barely any data coming in even when not running it over

Hum.. Avatars aren't working on here for some reason

Fiddling with GNU Radio, a HackRF and an RTL-SDR dongle trying to get some data transfer going. Not trivial

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Getting close to done with this board. 6 layers, 4 mm thick and plenty of laser drilled microvias for guard ring stitching
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Anyone has a copy of 1989's #USENIX Conference Proceedings to lend?

I'm looking for pages 147-156, a paper from David G. #Korn and Eduardo Krell titled "The 3-D File System".

Despite the age, I cannot find a copy.

Please boost if you know someone who can share such article. I'd like to read it as I'm working on a new #filesystem #protocol for my #Plan9 derivative, #Jehanne, and I'd like to know relevant prior art.

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RT Spinning video colorbars through an analog vectorscope creates a cool spinning staircase.

Eating super spicy chips. I have a feeling they're going to last a while 🌶

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