It's only 5 minutes in and it's already clear Peterson has no idea what he's talking about

Žižek was in a "debate" with lobster dad? This I gotta see

Hobby: coming up with unique typing quirks for alts

Visiting London soon for the first time in.. six years? Planning to give London Hackspace a visit

It's fascinating/horrifying watching the global neoliberal establishment walk in lockstep behind Guaidó. This morning my own goberment joined the mob..

The ! GNU Social instance is down, posting here until we get it sorted. The most likely culprit is yesterday's snow storm

sa2tms relayed

Playing around with email aliases. Seems to work!

Question: how the hack do I "du" a linux machine's root, but only for the root partition? I don't want to "du" /srv for example, which is on another partition

Messing around with DNS, experiencing sinusodial confusion over time

I've recently started to realize why using a www subdomain for web is a good idea. Not just load management, but also because you can easily CNAME it to some other domain, and it plays nicely with a cdn subdomain (to which you don't want cookies)

tfw I'm at a party and point out that one always feels a bit cheated when working for salary in the private sector, and everyone gets this despondent look in their eyes

House guests playing black metal. Good times

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