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Anyone has a copy of 1989's #USENIX Conference Proceedings to lend?

I'm looking for pages 147-156, a paper from David G. #Korn and Eduardo Krell titled "The 3-D File System".

Despite the age, I cannot find a copy.

Please boost if you know someone who can share such article. I'd like to read it as I'm working on a new #filesystem #protocol for my #Plan9 derivative, #Jehanne, and I'd like to know relevant prior art.

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RT Spinning video colorbars through an analog vectorscope creates a cool spinning staircase.

Eating super spicy chips. I have a feeling they're going to last a while 🌢

@redsPL Wait a sec, you're the guy who wrote the libbieoffice script? Neat! It's kinda buggy though, and missing set -e for catching errors

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I'm noticing some technological differences compared to 72 years ago. Whereas we're using transimpedance amplifiers, IR tachometers, ADCs and microcontrollers, these guys are all vacuum tubes and mechanical rectifiers

Seems precipitation static is a real issue in aviation. New thing learned!

Digging for citations in the field of electrostatics, as far back as 1946. Ran across a series of reports by one Ross Gunn, who was also involved in the Manhattan project ☒

GRR, old scanned papers that have been converted to 1-bit, ruining all pictures >:(

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Reading gossip about The Golden One. Other white nationalists horrified at his homoerotic aesthetic

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The "πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ who did this?" license, which states that the project must be open to all contributors and no commits may be reversed. Also anyone may steal and take credit for the project as if it were their own, as long as they put "πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ who did this?" anywhere in the project

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There's chat rooms, there's web clients, there's mobile apps, there's servers that are pretty much _trivial_ to set up and maintain ( comes to mind).
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PSA: there's a federated, well-known and well-implemented federated chat protocol out there with many working server and client implementations. It's called XMPP.Β 

Use it or be prepared to remake the same billion mistakes that has already been made.

I mean there's plenty of spam in the fediverse these days but this is just a bit too overt

Hey @switter you should probably fix your spam problem