given the recent discourse over the US-Mexican border it's time to dust off this gem

anyone else on here watch Centaurworld? it's pretty good

to gauge that actual noise levels I need to get myself some decent LNAs. probably

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tried my detector boards earlier today in the laser lab. at least 5x less noise than the laser itself (:

Paul Cockshott's latest video talks about and its prospects of winning a non-nuclear war with China. I also learned Australia doesn't have much of a nuclear industry, and occupied Korea is surprisingly good at shipbuilding

names of compounds in piss me off sometimes. like ok, we have ⌬ benzene. if you add three, four, five or six methyl groups to it it becomes trimethylbenzene, tetramethylbenzene, pentamethylbenzene and hexamethylbenzene respectively. but add only one? why that's ⌬- toluene of course. add two? ⌬= xylene

(and yes I know there's multiple xylenes, trimethylbenzenes and tetramethylbenzenes)

just got done with a meeting with a fellow cybernetician ==> slogan of the day: federated planning

just added a bunch of roads and buildings in the rural town I'm in at the moment to via

does anyone know if there's any decent dating sites these days? seems like all of them try to be as shitty as Tinder or even worse. I gave Badoo a try, and some female friends of mine were shocked to find out it's almost useless if you're a dude. unless of course you give Badoo your 💸 but why would I pay for something that is nearly useless already?

my face when people think "AI" will end capitalism, that general AI is possible or that machines create value

discussing alternative IRC clients and remembering Microsoft Comic Chat is a thing that existed in the Windows 95 days

sa2tms relayed
sa2tms relayed
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