I uploaded this thing to YouT*be earlier today. Might as well share it here too. Maskinerna är våra vänner (The machines are our friends) by Kjell Höglund, with English subtitles

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anprims returned to monke and gave everyone monkey pox. all according to plan

Lately I've been working a lot with the format of the future: JPEG 2000

when a grid's misaligned
with another behind
that's moire

Been making slides for the cryptoparty that will be later this evening with acc.umu.se. Feeling roughly finished with them, finally.

I think I won the game. Sadly I didn't get to see my space colony come to fruition, and neither did fusion research go anywhere. But it's interesting to see being put in a positive light.

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Was sent this thing by Francis Tseng. "You play as the first planetary planner following an international socialist revolution, with the task of undoing the climate and biodiversity crises."

Interesting, if a bit unfortunate in that it continues the notion that planning is something done by a single individual rather than being a collective thing. Not that I'm not guilty of the same in pointing to various single-player games as examples of . Perhaps we need multi-player cooperative planning games?

Also there was an unexpected reference to Otto Neurath's isotype, but strangely not his advocacy of planning.


Seems it's due to me using the older version that ships with Debian

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Has anyone else been having problems with -dlp lately? It keeps only grabbing the first 0.5% or so, unless I tell it to download in webm format

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Another pixelart landscape for Amiga 500
320x256px 32 colors, made in grafx2 (with mouse ;) )
inspired by Chinese Nature Park landscapes
#pixelart #amiga #landsape #MastoArt #demoscene #mountains #art

I see Github is moving towards requiring 2FA, supposedly to protect against infrastructure attacks like those that have plagued npm. But those kinds of attacks are inherent to the way npm is designed, being performed by the package creators themselves. npm's lack of appropriate bureaucracy is the root of the issue, not that dev accounts can somehow be hacked.

started changing tires, left front wheel is rusted stuck. going to have to spray on penetrating oil and wait until tomorrow 🚗 also felt a bit of rain 🌧️

Reading econophysics and suddenly the notion that football players are indentured servants comes up, an intermediate between slavery and wage labour. Of course this is a very glorified version of indentured servitude, but still.. ⚽

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