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I picked apart my electric moped and put it back together over the last two days and wrote about it. Relevant for anyone on here who has a Lifan scooter or similar since they're all likely quite similar inside:

comparing the old she-ra to the new show, I wonder if those internet ragelords have considered what a major improvement the latter is. just the bump in animation is astounding. though to be fair, the old show has hilariously bad animation in places

halfway through a disassembly of my new electric moped. found the BLDC driver under the seat, and a jack for USB power

Just wrote a quine in brainfuck. Weighs in at 1322 characters, hoping to get it down to 512 so I can post it on here

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Hah, I get better speedup (60%) using Karatsuba (3 cores)

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Meh, my + implementation of parallel Chung-4 squaring only achieves a speedup of 50% using 7 cores

they're trashing our rights man
they're trashing the flow of data
they're trashing

vrms tells me rms would be proud of my home server's lack of proprietary software

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MFW I'm at home and the family is grilling with wood instead of God's gas

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The reverberation of a mediated definition of existence is prescient in its ability to deafen the audience.

Drinking coffee at nine in the evening had predictable results on my ability to sleep 😩

$ uptime
20:08:00 up 17 days, 4:07, 1 user, load average: 82.09, 64.12, 56.56

! GS server not doing so well

It's only 5 minutes in and it's already clear Peterson has no idea what he's talking about

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Žižek was in a "debate" with lobster dad? This I gotta see

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