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Incidentally good evening to my European mutuals I never see

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I am up at 04:30 to get to work at 06:00 and I can already tell I am going to annoy my coworkers by being improbably chipper when they’re tired and grumpy

the whole goddamn Webpack problem was some missing semicolons. take away my SCSS licence.

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immediately nuking my disk space gains by installing a mastodon dev environment

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It's a good feeling when you do some computer housekeeping, like moving old install images and backups to the right place, clearing out downloads, and deleting lots of old stuff. managed to clear about 40gb on my 250gb drive, which is not bad!

shame ppl did what they did to me about that flag but you know what???

We gonna fly it anyways
:ms_black_trans_flag: :heart_trans_black:

I'm gonna buy myself the *nerdiest* late birthday present. Some *fonts*

can anyone answer a question I have about mastodon media hosting/proxying?

Get you a partner who says your name the way Marco Reps says “Keithley 2002”

hashtag just trans lesbian things 

Me: not shaving my legs is an expression of my butchness and refusal to comply with cishet expectations and that’s sexy
My dysphoria: *opens one eyelid*
Me: shaving my legs makes me extra soft and that’s sexy


uh oh can't reach VPS by SSH anymore. OVH I followed your own instructions for fixing global IPv6! Why you breaky!

A conversation that plays out frustratingly often in theatre 

queer and/or non-white actor/creative: "This part of the script/portrayal about a part of my identity is unhelpful/inauthentic/awkward/offensive in these ways. Can we please change or remove it?"

white cis director/playwright: "Hmm, interesting point. But actually changing that doesn't fit my ✨creative vision✨."
*Proceeds to change nothing, while patting themself on the back for being so inclusive*

The longer you look the worse it gets.

What is UP with this house? Is this even a house, is this a super souped up trailer?

Do not mistake me for a Plant Lesbian. I am merely the Clueless Wife of a Plant Lesbian. I have two chill plant children. She has 47 picky & particular plant children who will try to die out of spite and boredom

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Hello !

It's been a while since @digit and I have been sharing our common passion for creative coding, with the idea of understanding and designing algorithms that generate artistic images.

We think we've reached interesting results and we've opened an online store:!
It is possible to buy pen plotted or printed designs and ask for commissions.

Today is the official opening, don't hesitate to boost!

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