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today's accomplishments: replaced the charger port on mom's laptop, and updated it to ubuntu 20.04
now I just need to find a cardboard box I can put it in and go to the post office before it closes

psychiatry hot critical take, maybe don't read if you're struggling 

Someone from Oakland posted this pic of a PSA truck with LED messages about washing your hands driving around under the smoke sky. A NEW LIFE AWAITS YOU ON THE OFF WORLD COLONIES

ultimately 'biological sex' is an incoherent category; it doesn't exist and can't exist. the idea of a sex/gender split is only an attempt at sequestering some of gender away from criticism: 'this, this is social. but this, this is biological, and you're not allowed to touch it'. it's an ideological distinction

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I am very appreciative of the "misinfo" content warning. I struggle w/ understanding that as a joke sometimes, especially on social media where there's no context for anything. So, thanks.

The Ballad of Mulan is a story of love between a heroine and her family who she loved more than life itself, who loved their daughter and sister right back. It's about how love and self-acceptance are more important than any preconceived idea of success. Thank you for coming to my ted talk lol

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And while I'm on the subject #Mulan from the original Ballad of Mulan is an aromantic transgender woman in this essay I will

It’s kinda funny that certain sounds just make my brain do the spinny rainbow beachball, just stop responding or processing input until the noise stops, even if it’s not necessarily a painful one. Recently discovered ratchet-wrench clicking is one of those noises.

@s0 if I were assigned Natural Disaster at birth, that would be a gender I'd keep.

I'm just saying...

It would be funny if the forest fire gender-assigned baby ends up being trans as an adult.

introverts with social anxiety in March 2020: MY TIME HAS COME

introverts with social anxiety in September 2020: i can no longer interact with other humans and i get panic attacks from being within eyesight of more than five people at once

Needing attention is not a bad thing.

It's very natural to want others to pay attention to you, especially when you've been deprived of it in the past.

The El Dorado wildfire in California, which has now burned 7000 acres of land, was started by a gender reveal party.

A similar thing happened in 2017 when a gender reveal smoke bomb caused a fire which burned 45000 acres.

Cis culture is officially dangerous to the environment

auspol, ACAB, domestic abuse ment. 

I wonder what my colleagues think of how I spent the last four hours of last night barely verbal and then rocked up this morning chipper as a squirrel in the springtime.

In case you're dying to know what Disney's Mulan is like anyway there's an epic illustrated takedown on birdsite.

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advice/request for trans folk 

US politics / Lake Travis funny 

Heureusement c'est spécifiquement américain et en France ça se passerait jamais comme ça 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌🤡😌

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