for those who use Toot! App as a client on mobile, there's going to be a feature to visually distinguish bot posts on timelines included soon!
Yay and thanks to @tootapp

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Also I remain annoyed that there was a feature to mark bot toots visually on the timeline written and *merged to tootsuite/mastodon* but the commit got reverted like a day later for seemingly unrelated reasons

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oh and if you run a bot that @'s people without them explicitly opting in, I will block you, report you, and curse your RAM to periodically corrupt itself

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Periodic reminder to please not boost un-CWed ebooks-bot posts they are super draining to read for myself and many others :)
And if you run an eBooks bot, every post should be CWed with no exceptions, you can't control what it'll say and I don't want to read it.

@mntmn thanks for reminding me to check on my order of similar tiny OLEDs for a different project

@glitternoodle holding down the A key and running into a corner to noclip between cities on Shabbat

@glitternoodle fuckn pranked into doing your maths homework several thousand years later

@pfx looks cool! Are you gonna enamel the scored detailing or leave it super subtle?

@lightweight @vfrmedia NSW has started enforcing it with cameras in Sydney. I hear so many people whinging about it and it makes me want to say “you do know that car accidents kill people right? And that being stopped at an intersection has never legally been an excuse, just because you’ve gotten away with it so far? That you can pull over anytime you need?”

@dadegroot I see you gave Hell Hole Gorge a miss this time


Just saw a hipster shop called “Wealthy Health” and boy if that ain’t a description of both who can afford gentrified white homeopathist wholefood shops and also healthcare under capitalism

@proxy brb writing a C linker that dynamically fetches C shared libraries by DNS lookup their name as a URL and downloading it directly. I am not taking criticism at this time

@null the 1 star product review really makes this image

@austenitic when the space upgraded to this 100W laser it made such a difference that we could cut 7mm ply — larger structural projects like shelves became a real option, unlike with 3mm ply/bamboo.

@somarasu ah okay. I do tend to take things literally. I read “any sort of mandatory clothing” and to me that didn’t match my experience. Apologies.

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