Here’s some photos of the set in the first lighting state! We’re about to start the first dress run. I’m pretty happy with it.

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In a really good mood rn with my lighting design on this show. Whenever I’m planning/drawing and setting up a design it feels like I’m pulling it out of my ass. And then focusing and teching I’m only focusing on what isn’t working. But now I’m at the point where the rig is in my head and I can design looks without really thinking hard at all, I feel like I’m plugged into the matrix and projecting my ideas into reality

Got a connection to be lighting designer on a production at the local community theatre right down the road. It’s something like a cross between an escape room and a play, and fortunately, I have the experience designing for both! It should be fun and creative, though time is quite limited as they had a previous LD who had to pull out with rehearsals well underway and opening is not far away.

Two days of solid work just on set electrics & practicals on this opera with two different sets. It’s a big job! But finally I have something to show for it :) The opera is Cendrillon (Cinderella) by Massenet, and it’s being filmed.

Having a weird issue with my cheapo Streaming ACN to DMX converter box. I opened it up to check if something had gone wrong and... it’s a Parallax Propeller 40-pin DIP, with an Arduino Wiznet 5100 Ethernet shield awkwardly stuck on top??? Actually bizarre design. Nothing seems broken, I’m going to try restoring to factory settings tomorrow when I can plug Ethernet into a laptop.
Ideally I’ll replace it with a much more legit alternative (DMXKing eDMX4 Pro DIN) but I can’t get my hands on one very quickly.

First day onsite for the opera project I’m working on. I spent the day wiring up & testing lamps that are ‘practicals’ (light fixtures that exist within the world onstage, as opposed to the majority of lights which are beyond the fourth wall).
Their cables will be run straight through holes in the set walls to junction boxes with Wago-style spring connectors to pigtails, rather than spending loads of money & effort sourcing & installing period-appropriate GPOs.
I also soldered up a bunch of RGBW LED tape for set LX (lighting/electricals that are physically built into the set).

Filming several stories today. Lots of play with bounced lighting off the many white walls, and using the open space!

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Today’s lighting of a different artwork. Intentionally removing shadows on the wall & accentuating within the work (from underneath slight backlight) to create an artificial depth of field. This will contrast a lot with another work we filmed earlier (third picture).

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Fun with UV light filming this found-plastic sculpture today! So nice to get to do my job and be creative again!!
(well, film lighting I guess)

Very satisfying to finally set up my lighting programming setup (version 4 now) to do some prep work for an upcoming gig. It feels like finally getting back at the controls of a favourite vehicle. I’m a little rusty but it all comes back quick.

corvid19, theatre 

I do feel guilty for not self-isolating now. But working in theatre, I’m unable to let go of how shows are something that always depend on people who can’t be replaced, working together in ways that can’t be postponed. There’s a good likelihood that we’re cancelling it today, and then all fifteen of us will go and self isolate. But until then, I don’t know how I would say “I’m leaving” when there’s no replacement.
Maybe if I’d ever been sick enough to drop out of a show before, I’d be able to.

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Today the company of Othello is travelling mostly on public transport to a meeting at the venue in person to discuss whether the show continues. The irony is... noticeable.

Spent the day sitting in the theatre watching rehearsal of the Crucible while working on the lighting plan for Othello (the next show by the company, on which I’m designing the lighting). Was pretty anxious being in the unfamiliar venue, but spending hours getting back up to speed with Vectorworks and drafting the lx plan calmed me down.

I need to go for a walk or something and get out my undirected energy so I can actually sit down and read Othello and start to think about design elements

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