Started knitting a little blanket thing tonight. Several months late on the covid hobbies I know. About four rows in. This yarn is so nice and soft!

rodent pest mention 

Made shelf thing for storing power supplies and soldering stations at the makerspace without them getting bashed about in plastic tubs!

She lives! In my purely whimsical fashion of naming appliances, her name is Corinne.

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Tfw you have to drill holes in the under-sink shelf to get the new dishwasher’s hose into the required siphon shape, and can only do so from below. Much dust in my face
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Not sure if this is a particularly subtle piece of graffiti or an error by the council that they didn’t feel warranted correcting, but my graphic designer eye is twitching

Off to dentist appointment in summer clothes for the first time this season
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Got mastodon multi-column layout working W I I D E like I wanted in the end with the following in my User Style sheet in safari.

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Two days of solid work just on set electrics & practicals on this opera with two different sets. It’s a big job! But finally I have something to show for it :) The opera is Cendrillon (Cinderella) by Massenet, and it’s being filmed.

These are the 3-pin-through Wago-rip-off connectors. Super useful. Image description has some more detail.

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@mike saw you talking about OpenSprinkler — dya reckon that’s a tree worth barking up for getting my veggie patch in order? I’m thinking might also need shade cloth over some of it for more delicate stuff?.

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Did an hour of gardening to finish filling the green bin for the fortnight. Still about a cubic metre of leaf waste piled up from the deciduous trees — it takes a while to shift amongst all the weed growth too. One day maybe I’ll plant some nice things in the veggie patch instead of leaving it to nasturtiums.
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Spent the middle of the day weeding & mowing in the garden. Lovely weather!
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Confirmed that the Thicc Zendure SuperTank USB-C battery bank correctly works as a UPS for my lighting miniPC! This is very good news, as it means I don’t need to worry about losing/corrupting vital showfiles from accidentally losing power, the only major downside compared to using a laptop.
However on the flip side, for some reason my HyperJuice 100W GaN charger refuses to charge the SuperTank at all :(( I will try to contact HyperJuice about it but I don’t hold out much hope. I have another spare 60W charger but I wanted the ability to charge faster and have extra ports from the HyperJuice.

Apparently they’re installing NBN* in trees now?? I suppose even the birds want to watch streaming TV ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

* Australian national internet infrastructure

Work project finished! Home in time for afternoon tea in the garden in the sun 😊
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Filming several stories today. Lots of play with bounced lighting off the many white walls, and using the open space!

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