I made the hand sanitiser dispenser at work more friendly and fun

@s0 Wait what? Are you really working at the venue depicted in the hair silouhette?

@sophie yep! for nearly 3 years now. I don't bother trying to hide it because a certain amount of publicity is mandatory in this industry, but I don't put it on profiles or anything.

@sophie can confirm it is very cool. I love the building.

@s0 Wow, I'm kinda jealous right now. Working fulltime at such a venue must be amazing. Hard times right now, but it'll get better again. But that also explains why you have the budget for Riedel gear. I've visited a few larger venues while doing video stuff, but working there fulltime must be on a whole other level.


@sophie I don't work full time at SOH, I'm a casual lighting technician, so sometimes it's my main income source but sometimes I'll take a few months to work freelance. They have a very big riedel network of artist and mediornet. In the process of upgrading to hundreds of boleros from old acrobat system.
But my recent Riedel tooting has been about work at NIDA, a dramatic university, where I work for the AV department.

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