“Whaddya mean you accidentally cut the plans off when you printed them?!”

@s0 Hi, architect here! This is bad, duplexes only do this when they’re *extremely* distressed

@ThermiteBeGiants my dad’s an architect and he was confused and fascinated in equal parts

@s0 it looks like a bad idea, not sure about duplexes in particular but I know that rowhouse/terrace walls aren’t fully weatherised which means that if you just demolish one in a row and don’t rehabilitate the neighbouring building you can set off a neglect demolition cascade

@ThermiteBeGiants it’s just tragic to see a duplex so lacking in enrichment and exploited that it would go so far as to hurt itself in distress :’( I hope the Royal Society for the Protection of Architecture will step in and shut down this abusive suburb, rehoming its dwellings in suitable and certified humane suburbs and urban reserves.

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