Need to use a step drill but it’s too long for the clearance in the hole? Dremel cut-off wheel time.

@piggo @steph these were cheap as from China, and come in a set of 3. One that has deeper clearance actually makes the set more useful to me!

@s0 @piggo while I would do this myself if i had to, i'd still call this cursed :P

@steph @piggo you want cursed? You didn’t have to see me use it on the drill press with >1mm of quill wobble 😭 all my careful accurate centre punch marks are totally useless because it goes wherever it wants

@steph hey I could have used the disc sander or the angle grinder. Or the bandsaw (the current bandsaw blade is fukt because someone cut tool steel on it)

caps shouting (joking) 

@s0 I would be lying if I said I'd never pulled tricks like this, but it does always make me slightly sad to destroy a tool.

@s0 I too ... 

@s0 I too ... 

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