Finally making headway on my DIY onewheel. Today I’m making the torque plates from 30x3mm galvanised steel bar. These take the torque from the fixed double-flatted shafts on each side of the hub motor, and transfer it to the aluminium frame via two M6 bolts. In theory, this will be much more durable than relying on a double-flatted hole in the much softer aluminium.

It’s important that the flatted hole match the shaft as closely as possible (in hand-fabrication tolerances, not real machining lol) so I’m planning to drill it to 9mm and file the rest. The position & squareness of the cut edges are very non-critical so I’ll just be hacksawing at the line. Since I don’t have a drill press at home I’ll wait to drill the holes at the makerspace tomorrow.

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D’oh, hacksaw blade works better in “push” configuration >_<

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All the metal stock is cut to length. Tomorrow I’ll work on machining the features needed into them.

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I’m hoping to make the wide holes in the aluminium tube sides (that are needed to attach the M14 nuts to the shaft) using the CNC router, rather than having to drill out a dozen holes and file it into a larger one. It’s not designed for aluminium really (low rigidity & insufficient spindle speed control) but I experimented last week and had decent success with very conservative feed rates. Dimensions aren’t critical on that anyway, it’s just an access hole.

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Progress today at the makerspace, I CNCed the two slots in the small rails to access the M14 nut for the motor shaft. Also drilled the holes in the steel torque plates with the drill press; next I need to spend a while filing them to shape. I didn’t get to make any more progress on the rails as I was still deciding about some attachment details and didn’t feel like I trusted the CNC router’s positioning well enough.

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