Looking for recommendations: Does anyone know any free PDF software (preferable FLOSS) that can add contents/chapter marks to PDF documents? Ideally runs on Mac (with binaries available); could get by with running in ubuntu. :boost_ok:

It should also not completely fall over with files around 1GB.

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@s0 are you looking for something with a graphical user interface or would you be ok with doing these changes using programming techniques?

@elmiko command line would be ok as long as I don’t need to build from source (either available on Homebrew or 1st party binaries provided)

@s0 if the pdfs in question aren't locked, you might be able to use LibreOffice[0] to edit them, it has limited ability to add content and metadata.

evince[1] is another tool that can do /some/ editing, mostly around annotations and highlights. it probably doesn't do what you want, but might be worth a look.

there are a few open source libraries that allow much deeper editing, but they would require some sort of code be written.


@s0 If I remember correctly you might need pdftk to remove passwords from "protected" PDFs. That also has a java version which should work on Mac (assuming Macs still support Java…)

@s0 have you tried xournal? I've used it to add images into a document, by I don't know all the modifications xournal can do.

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