Why don't we have a Disabled pride flag/symbol already? 😓😓😓

@funnypanja I've seen one that was zigzaggy but like the majority of pride flag designs you see it put "a colour for every meaning I can think of" over design/memorability. I have actually designed one myself but it's one of those things where it doesn't have any meaning if it's just me and nobody else who's using/seeing it, right?


@funnypanja here’s the version I came up with after sketching & thinking about it for the last half hour. Slanted honey yellow stripe for our experiences that don’t align with rigid expectations, but are bright & meaningful. Red parallel stripes for our voices & community, and the fight to control our lives (with reference to nothing about us without us movement & anti-AS in neurodiversity). Navy blue background for our history of being silenced, controlled & ignored (intention being that many would say it “looks black” but they’re not looking closely enough — it’s not black).

@funnypanja here's a digital version that wasn't done with the 5 felt-tips I had to hand on a foolscap pad.

@funnypanja I tried to make it high contrast, simple, and resistant to colourblindness. Unfortunately the problem with finding symbols to represent all disabled folks is that any symbol is pretty much going to be inaccessible to some subset of the people it's trying to represent.

@funnypanja For completeness, this work is licensed under the Nonviolent Public License (thufie.lain.haus/NPL.html)

@s0 I would prefer the navy to be darker, the yellow to be white and the red to be more of a (red-ish) purple but I love it!!! Do you have Twitter?

@s0 This color pallet looks very similar to the aboriginal flag..

@funnypanja shit, uh yeah. Really should have noticed that given there's one literally in my room rn.

@s0 haha... That's probably why, subcontious influence is like that! ;)

@funnypanja thoughts? I retained the yellow because I found white kind of too sparse and "blank" to represent experiences, but I brightened it a little and shifted it slightly towards green away from ochre tone. Replaced red with deep magenta which satisfies me as representing community voices & love/support? and pushed the navy darker. Definitely different character to it now.

@s0 I would still take out some of the saturation of the yellow, but again, I love it!!

@funnypanja I tried that but then it really ends up a pastel, which loses visual cohesion with the magenta, which are supposed to be a semantic grouping of to the eye (as opposed to the magenta 'split apart' by the yellow -- not the intended impression).

@funnypanja I think it easily becomes that sort of yellow under different light/print conditions, when the magenta would vary also. In this case I tried to match them together visually (under the particular conditions of my P3 monitor with a mild white-balance shift in effect). I’m hoping maybe some other disabled folks can also weigh in overnight, I’ve got to sleep.

@funnypanja I don't anymore, no. I'll have a look at it with different colours.

@s0 mh.. That way this could reach more people, that's why I asked. :)

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