Now that I know that I can get a windows manager (i3), Korean and English input in the keyboard layouts I want (3 Beol and Dvorak), Firefox, Vim (with Korean turning off automatically on insert mode, yes!!), and a static site manager (Hugo) working in #Linux, I've decided to turn this Macbook Air into a full Linux machine. There's still a ton of stuff to figure out, but I've got the basics and the virtual machine is too cramped to explore all the things I need to.

Have you considered getting a raspberry pi 4 or similar, and connecting to that over VNC?

@FiXato Honestly curious, I'm not familiar with Raspberry Pi. I did, however, think about getting a remote Linux server and connecting from here. I may do that if I ever want to run my own server, since I sure don't have the wherewithal to run one physically.

It would be a low-powered system that you can just chuck in a corner next to your router, which is designed to be running Linux. :)
It also means you can keep your macbook as-is and have a working environment while you set up the pi. :)

@FiXato So it would be like having a virtual machine but without taking up the main computer's resources, huh? It's certainly tempting 😆 I'm reluctant to buy new hardware these days because I get a little overwhelmed by how *much* there is, but it's a nice option to keep in mind.

(Of course, seeing how you're in Korea, getting an #ODroid from #HardKernel might be the cheaper/quicker option:

@FiXato oh my, that is one sweet little machine! ❤ The CPU clocks in at a bit less than I'm used to, but then again I don't plan to put any crazy requirements on it or anything.

So, you already went from 'not planning to get one' to 'not planning to put crazy requirements on it' xD

But if you need something more powerful that even is 64 bit x86😅:

@FiXato O...only in the hypothetical universe where I would buy one! Which is not this universe! Back, foul seductor! *opens link* Pretttyyyy....


@lj_writes @FiXato you could practically get that for the resale price of an old MacBook... and it would be seriously fast I bet.

@lj_writes @FiXato I accidentally bought an Intel NUC that was massively overspecced for my needs a while ago because I had apple hardware prices on the brain 😣 thinking about reselling it to get a much cheaper smaller one instead

@s0 @FiXato Yeah, you'd have money left over and someone who actually needs all that capacity would be happy with the deal!

@lj_writes @FiXato it was because I was looking for one that had USB-C video support because I have an external touchscreen using that. And only the ones with dedicated nvidia graphics do, and I did that thing where I forgot it’s possible to re-evaluate criteria like how it would just take a single extra cable i already have to just use the display over HDMI instead 🙃🙃

@lj_writes @FiXato oh and if I get a smaller NUC with a 12V power supply (not 19V) it’ll be easier to make/find a mini UPS for it!

@lj_writes @FiXato but anyway I think you should go for it for getting a microcomputer of some kind. Whether it’s a raspi or something bigger, it’s super cheap compared to like a new phone these days. And it gives you more flexibility to experiment and upgrade and get a really great setup. If you don’t need macOS for anything in particular, I’d go straight for it. Take advantage of MacBook resale value! And now is the best time to buy ryzen while it’s blowing intel out of the water!

@s0 @FiXato Correction, I could buy like five to ten of these for the price of selling an old Macbook... argh so tempted... 😭

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