@ Every racist who thinks they can convince me it’s not reasonable to replace tech words: language is literally made up! You can make new words! If BIPOC say that the word “master” should be literally and entirely erased from the English parlance then I am right behind them!! It’s called a Florp’s Degree now. A florp craftsperson. A chess grand florp. See? You already know what I mean! Language is fucking mutable you ridiculous cockmuppets.
If any of you have used the word ague in the past year? It used to be super common not long ago! But language changed because people changed the way they use it!

@s0 i recently discovered the word “weird” used to mean exactly the same thing as “fate”, but a particular depiction of the 3 fates in a particular shakespear play, where they were named “the weird sisters” changed its meaning

@s0 they were “norns” and now they are “goddesses”, english changed.

@zensaiyuki the word racism wasn’t even recorded until 1902. Language is so mutable, schools teaching English are just full of imperialist & colonialist nonsense

@s0 i came across the “weird” factoid because I am trying to study viking/norse mythology, which turns out to be difficult since nearly every scrap of it has been eradicated by 11th century christians.

@s0 every day of the week in english is named after a norse god, but we’re not sure whether freya and frigga are two different people or not because they couldn’t write any of it down without being burned as heretics

@zensaiyuki my brother is super into that stuff. There’s some good reading on Norse forms of magic & how it relates to gender in diverse ways

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