Replace all advertising with street art, murals and community noticeboards 2020. You can advertise your business only on the physical property you operate from, or specific exceptions for wayfinding signage. Everything else goes. Put up maps of local areas so it’s possible to find ones way around without online maps or any device.

Imagine if blank concrete/brick walls were considered unsightly. Imagine if there were local guilds of artists & creatives paid to express themselves and make the place look brighter.

@s0 you’ll never get an argument on these points from me, as resident tran urbanist

@s0 it always kills me when i see a wall that used to be covered in street art get painted over with flat grey
who could possibly think that looks better

@s0 I kinda hate excessive colour mess. Makes me want to get a guide dog and close my eyes. But it's still better than sheer white walls.


part of the appeal of jain narrow streets. I think people come to see times square in NY also because of its atmosphere that created partly by ads.

What is your behavior on the web, do you block ads? I do. But my mother, who had seen soviet grayness, asked me to turn off ad blocker, when i assumed she'd like one. She was also impatiently waiting for businesses to open up on our street to see the boards and life. And she's not consumer, that's about longing to the missing aesthetics of the life with free market instead of emptiness of socialistic shops and rudeness of sellers.

@inky@թութ.հայ I think you’re missing my suggestion that ads not be removed, but replaced with art & design wherever possible. Drabness was not the suggestion.

@s0 Tokyo and Seoul have maps like this and it owns! some of them are interactive and allow you to change the language, highlight food/shopping/cultural buildings, etc. dunno why they don’t do it in the US.

@vulcao @s0 There's a place in Bergen where people create some amazing art, and the municipality routinely paint it white again. It's mind-boggling to me.

@s0 make the world look like a dwarf fortress run where I got bored and designated the entire map for engraving

@robinsyl @s0

there are also very few in Ipswich, England as the local "Ipswich Society" successfully lobbied against them in the 1980s (previous to that many advertised cigarettes, which were also manufactured in the town for many decades)

@vfrmedia @robinsyl @s0 My local state in Cascadia bioregion aggressively limited highway billboards quite a few years ago...put a hard cap on the total number statewide if I remember correctly.

The difference when driving from Oregon to Cali is...stark.

@s0 is this a policy suggestion or a call to get my graffiti stuff out?

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