not BLM just life stuff 

I have finally packed my entire workbench into boxes for moving. While it was a lot of work it actually makes me feel really good about the design & UX of the workbench — there’s like 3 cubic metres of boxes just from stuff contained within its 2x2x2.5m box, as well as the modular pieces constructing it. And it’s still a very functional & flexible workspace. Here’s to several more years of making good use and gradually improving it.

When I met my first wife, in 1996 or so, she joked that everything I owned fit in a shoebox. Which wasn't actually true, almost everything I owned was in a warehouse workshop in Ohio where I made things but I sold to move to California. When I moved to Mexico in 2017 I had at least 10 years worth of work stolen, it filled up half a semi truck. That's hard to get over, but the reality is that only the future matters, everything you have can be gone instantly. From a hurricane or earthquake or fire or whatever. And we keep working and building new things.
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