Hey, uh, I know my circle on here isn't very music-oriented. But in the isolation I've gotten back into engraving (typesetting) public domain music. If anybody has any particular public domain piece they'd like transcribed into a digital file with MuseScore, I'll do it for free! (provided I can find a scanned score, and it hasn't already been done well). ♻️🆗

@s0 Do you have one for Chopin's Revolutionary Etude? I've always been partial to that piece.

@starbreaker When in doubt, search, and then IMSLP! Most works by the popular classical composers have been digitised.

@vfrmedia Thank you for thinking of me; I already use MuseScore myself. But I'll get in touch with @s0 if I think of anything.

@artsyhonker I noticed you have a pinned toot about having your music sung on fedi -- do feel free to lmk if you want someone to sing some tenor II/baritone parts for you? I've been a chorister my whole life despite being trans putting a damper on it, and I'm a good sight-singer.

@s0 Thank you, will do! Need to finish PhD before I take on any new projects, but I would still like to do this.

@Nikolai_Kingsley you, my friend, should listen to Circus Galop by Hamelin, written for two player pianos to play at once. A good typesetting you can listen to is here

@s0 I’ve always meant to do Anitra’s Dance from Peer Gynt. The proper, original version, for strings and triangle, as opposed to the many DIY arrangements that are already on musescore. Wouldn’t object if you beat me to it…

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