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I am officially moved in to @s0! This account will remain as an archive of my public toots, and as my backup account for if I stuff up the cathode church server 😬

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A conversation that plays out frustratingly often in theatre 

queer and/or non-white actor/creative: "This part of the script/portrayal about a part of my identity is unhelpful/inauthentic/awkward/offensive in these ways. Can we please change or remove it?"

white cis director/playwright: "Hmm, interesting point. But actually changing that doesn't fit my ✨creative vision✨."
*Proceeds to change nothing, while patting themself on the back for being so inclusive*

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reduce your ableist language (contains examples of same) 

There’s a *lot* of ableist language in common parlance. These words and similar ones exist as slurs towards neurodivergent folks in particular. Try pushing yourself to replace/eliminate them.

crazy, insane, mental ➡️ wild, surprising, hectic
dumb, stupid ➡️ foolish, silly
idiot, moron, dumbass ➡️ bigot, asshole, fool

In addition, you are encouraged to think through what you’re trying to say better, and address what the real issue worth criticising is. And if you can’t rephrase it, maybe it didn’t need to be said at all.

Merry Cronkmus cathode church server has crashed again :thojne:

I am officially moved in to @s0! This account will remain as an archive of my public toots, and as my backup account for if I stuff up the cathode church server 😬

@s0 I went to tell OVH I want to upgrade Phosphor (little a RAM & CPU, as a treat). and then they apparently went and force rebooted it without asking lol

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@s0 Phosphor the poor underpowered VPS would like me to know they are *not* happy with importing all this stuff

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In several of my university courses, we were taught about "the electricity grid". Just some connecting lines on a schematic. I was amazed to see the real-life grid on generated using #openstreetmap data. You can trace power from back to the source, and see the stages of voltages being stepped down.

Heads up, I'm about to import my follows to my account on my new instance (@s0), to start getting toots through it and check how it fares. I am going to keep tweaking the rules/CoC and such and hope to open registrations (by approval) around the new year.

I am watching Queen's Gambit and I would kill for this sweet little autistic child

When the idea of something is hot more so than the reality, or as I like to say, hypothotically

I made the hand sanitiser dispenser at work more friendly and fun

Holy moly, Owncast is really taking off with the 0.0.3 release!

Almost 1000 stars in a single day for 🙊

Hackernews front page, #1 on several sub-reddits: r/selfhosted, r/golang, ... awesome stuff!

Someone even started streaming public domain movies 24/7 on their Owncast instance:

Check out the Owncast directory to find more instances:

autism, positive 

Running my fingers through wet leaves hanging on trees and feeling the clean cool rainwater drip and run off onto my hand and down my arm is one of my very favourite sensory things and is something that reminds me that being autistic can be good, too.

autism, negative 

And flinching at every loud noise in front of everyone when there are a lot of loud noises and you just Can’t Help It

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autism, negative 

Tfw you’re pushing through sensory overload at work and your masking goes to shit and you say something and instantly realise it was Not Right and everyone stops and looks at you and just want to stuff the words back in your mouth and melt into the ground :blobfacepalm: :blobcatdead:

That Zoom shut down accounts and calls where people were talking about Tiananmen Square is bad enough. But you need to understand the subtext: Zoom says that their calls are encrypted and private, and yet they can monitor them.

Those two things are mutually exclusive. This entire video chat system is built on a foundation of lies and backdoors.

This was inspired by the riots in Mexico. Anarchist women tagged across the streets “machete al machote” — so I went after ICE agents on this one. “La migra” means ICE.

Why won't I write books about GNU software? Here's a great big one: I don't like the way men in the FSF behave.

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