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@ Every racist who thinks they can convince me it’s not reasonable to replace tech words: language is literally made up! You can make new words! If BIPOC say that the word “master” should be literally and entirely erased from the English parlance then I am right behind them!! It’s called a Florp’s Degree now. A florp craftsperson. A chess grand florp. See? You already know what I mean! Language is fucking mutable you ridiculous cockmuppets.
If any of you have used the word ague in the past year? It used to be super common not long ago! But language changed because people changed the way they use it!

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I consider the existence of Balena Etcher an Ozymandian emblem of the failures of all of modern computing.

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brain weird, ideas, ~- 

the fixation on autistic savantism is really transparently, like, "ah, so maybe My Autistic Child CAN be useful to capitalism" and like. bitch I doubt it!!!

you can tell if someone is a physicist or a plumber by asking them to pronounce "unionized"

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I did it, bought a LimeSDR mini. Building some sort of trunking base station for a bunch of 2.4GHz NRF24L01+ based peripheral devices is my current project idea. Wonder how long range I could get with the PA-LNA boards?

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This is your mum-friend reminder to bring sunblock in your bag to protests (and put it on beforehand too)! Also 1-2L of water, depending how hot it’ll be, and a change of clothes (good for different purposes but esp in case of chemical weapons/pepper spray).

By the way the phone she who must no be named is tweeting her TERF bullshit from runs on a processor architecture designed by a trans woman.

ARM (originally Acorn RISC Machine) is now the most produced (somewhere in the region of 150 billion CPUs) and arguably the most important CPU architecture in history and was designed by Sophie Wilson. Look her up!

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writing a PAM module that requires you to input morse code from a connected device to log into your computer

additionally, while you're logged in there are periodic morse code hallenges sent that you have to respond to in order to prove you're still wearing it or you'll be logged out

I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna buy a LimeSDR mini. Want to play with radio stuffs

Me @ me: the microwave does not have feelings
Me: but it sat there all night... blinking away, patiently showing those 10 seconds left on the timer.. never knowing that it had been abandoned 😭

So uh apparently OESC (Oklahoma unemployment agency basically) is jerking me around and I really have no money for food or bills. I have no idea at this point if or when I'll be able to collect unemployment again, and I don't have any work prospects til the 15th.

Please help? I'm desperate.

survey monkey dot com isn't what I thought it was, u just survey normal humans. I am in need of monkey opinions


This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

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sole trader business, taxes, money 

Finally passing with 10/10 full marks! What's your score? What's the reason for the hold-up? Is it your ISP?

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