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reduce your ableist language (contains examples of same) 

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@ Every racist who thinks they can convince me it’s not reasonable to replace tech words: language is literally made up! You can make new words! If BIPOC say that the word “master” should be literally and entirely erased from the English parlance then I am right behind them!! It’s called a Florp’s Degree now. A florp craftsperson. A chess grand florp. See? You already know what I mean! Language is fucking mutable you ridiculous cockmuppets.
If any of you have used the word ague in the past year? It used to be super common not long ago! But language changed because people changed the way they use it!

the common sentiment that adhd won't be a disorder in a post-capitalist world is fucked for a lot of reasons, some of which reveal a deep trend of ableism on the left! it's posing communism as a "solution" to brain stuff, which is just as messed up as saying the answer is mindfulness or eating "right" or fixing your sleep schedule or reading the right self-help books

even looking at it charitably, as "you won't be neurodivergent because there's no typical rewarded by the system anymore" ignores the fact that adhd fundamentally changes the way i have to approach goal-oriented tasks, and those aren't going away under full communism.

and if they can't get adhd right, what does this say about how they view neurodivergence that's even more stigmatized by society? nothing good.

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Every time I open #Trunk and review a few more accounts, I realize that damn, about every second account has to be removed because of inactivity. Hopefully, all these wonderful people just moved onto other things, and not ... you know, the alternative.
Even with the extremely slow pace I'm working at, the database is definitely shrinking. Anyone else want to join to make up for it? :)

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Sometimes I think about how Americans use “to lay” the way British/Australian English uses “to lie” (in the physical definition). It means I read American books and constantly think of chickens laying eggs, the only common usage for me of “to lay” rather than “to lie”.
British/Australian English: “lie”, “lying”, “lay”, “have lain”, “was lain”.
American: “lay”, “laying”, “laid”, “have laid”, “was laid”.

About once a day at this job I feel like an impostor for not actually having the real electronics skills to fully debug complex issues in stuff like this.
Then I remember they’re not paying nearly enough for someone who’s got a degree in it, and 90% of the faults are simple to fix, and the other people involved would have just immediately written off this amp, so even if I don’t fix it at all, I’m not doing any worse!

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The circuit is actually quite clever for driving very high-dynamic-range signals, where it needs big peak power but only for a short time, and not a horrendous power consumption when idle or at low level. The rail that drives the main output mosfets varies from 30V to 120V, maintaining as close to a 20V gap between rail and driven side as possible. The 30V supply is constant and filtered from a secondary winding (with voltage doubler for 115/240). Then there’s a tracker buck circuit that siphons from a higher rail (rectified line voltage? IIRC) to keep the main rail tracking the input side of the mosfets!

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Got started repairing a Crown Xti-1000 PA amplifier the other day. Symptoms were channels cutting out irregularly, only when it’s been running for a while. Checked likely thermal suspects, all fine. But on the front corner I found a line of 8 1W resistors which were visibly heat-damaged, and the PCB around them was turning brown and the silkscreen was cracked. I pulled the resistors out but they all passed correct value within 5% (48.1k). Managed to find a service manual (!) online with full BOM, schematics & repair suggestions (it’s from 2006, the good old days). Turns out those resistors are part of a voltage dropper for the control side analogue voltage from an aux winding! Weird but ok, low noise I guess. But being on constantly for probably 10 years definitely kept them toasty. I redid some joints nearby that were starting to look a little suspect, probably from differential expansion/contraction. But I’m still going to replace the resistors with new 3W versions instead.

It took a while but in the end I got it all cleaned up, finished hanging the fairy lights, and my housemate loved it. Then I ordered pizza for dinner because damn I deserved it!

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Got my little Raspberry Pi-powered air quality sensor and display up and running!

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Just saw a man pull out a long-necked stove lighter to light his cigarette. Confusing energy

#LJStanDay again yall!!!

I stan LJ bc the second I saw her TL, I saw tenderness, intelligence, compassion and humor

*Attenborough voice*
After a long day’s work tending the underground wires, the Telstra technicians appear to enjoy playing a game of hopscotch near their burrows. Footage of this elusive activity has never before been seen — the only trace is the painted markings they leave behind.

in 34 years ago today, institutionalization, “conversion therapy”, and direct mention of suicide shit 

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Disney is trying new tactics to not pay writers for work that they purchased as part of their myriad of mergers:

#DearMickey #DisneyMustPay

Announcing BIRDSONG, a scifi horror collaboration with @Eldritch_Horrorgirl

You are an exobiologist trapped on an inhospitable alien world, forced to study its inhabitants to get a ticket home.

Take risks.
Analyze exofauna.
Discover secrets.

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