That concludes the opera. #s0radio will be back in half an hour with Mammal Hands & Sunda Arc, two of our favourite newly-discovered artists breaking genre lines in modern jazz/ambient/idm/electronica music. Tune in soon!

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#s0radio is Live!

It's time for a Sunday afternoon baroque opera. Today the broadcast is Vivaldi's Farnace, performed by Pinchgut Opera. The broadcast is preceded by an 5 minute introduction by the ABC Classic FM presenter. This is a brilliant production, though a complicated story that is hard to follow without surtitles onstage. Nevertheless, the music is beautifully performed, and a great listen over close to three hours.

Tune in at now.

the cis are at it again 

Two photos: One is a set of breaking fixtures, as I like to call them. I created them for the purpose of strength testing my new glass-based material. The older, smaller breaking fixture is at top, followed by the larger, later fixture. Below that is a bar of my new material. Below that is a mold for casting such bars. I cover the mold with aluminum tape to increase moisture retention. The second photo is the breaking fixture in action. The force sensor is FC2211-0000-0025-L from Mouser.

(in japanese)

harbourmaster: Hey! It smells good in here, what are you cooking?

me: Cooking? Oh, nothing. We're not cooking anything, I didn't have any coolant so I used sesame oil to make a hole through strainless steel.

harbourmaster: wow.

#s0radio and that concludes tonight's broadcast, session 1! If you had a listen, do let me know what you liked or didn't, and themes/genres for future sessions. Hope to be back soon!

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#s0radio #nowplaying: Cluster from Tides by Sunda Arc.

This group, sharing some members with group Mammal Hands, is the more IDM-ish side to the jazz side of Mammal Hands, but they share some strong tonal similarities. The Tides album is surprisingly varied and highly original in its cross-genre influences.

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#s0Radio, the Fediverse's #2 pirate radio station, is live now for session 1!

Jack in at now.

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I want to comment on why these are my favourite tracks, maybe talk about why I like different kinds of music. How would you like that commentary? Live tooting, or a live audio commentary stream, or whichever? (If I did voice commentary, I would make an alternate stream without commentary as well). [Poll]

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For tonight's first open broadcast at 18:00 AEDT, I think I'll be playing a single track from each of my fave albums across many very distinct genres! There'll be classical, there'll be ambient, there'll be electronic pop, and other stuff.
A smorgasbord to begin. Then for future broadcasts, each one will more or less stick to a theme. #s0Radio

I'll be launching tonight! (In about 4 hours, 18:00 AEDT) I'll be posting a few polls to see get some ideas about what to stream. Follow @s0radio for updates about going live, and other info about the fediverse's #2 pirate radio station! (Apologies to @vantablack)

I actually just had a "maybe computers are okay actually" moment. I got Icecast installed on my NAS server (which acts as my DMZ) and receiving a stream from MPD running on the RasPi (running MoOde) attached to my stereo system, in under half an hour. This means I can queue music to the web radio station from the same web interface I use to listen at home. I just need to sort out the domains, and s0Radio will be born!

covid-19 / tech grumble 

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covid-19 / tech grumble 

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prisons, politics 

#TDOV - Trans Day Of Visibility 

@vantablack’s vantaradio makes me want to set up my own little pirate radio station. Maybe broadcast some old BBC dramatisations/audiobooks on one and music I like on another. Would anyone listen to either?

"I cannot afford the luxury of fighting one form of oppression only. I cannot afford to believe that freedom from intolerance is the right of only one particular group. And I cannot afford to choose between the fronts upon which I must battle these forces of discrimination, .wherever they appear to destroy me. And when they appear to destroy me, it will not be long before they appear to destroy you."

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i think reading audre lorde's "there is no hierarchy of oppression" might be an interesting jumping off point for you to consider the way you interact with oppressions.

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