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i love plugging ethereal cables into the back of my computer

algorithmic art is cool, NFTs are not, and it's really something when artists whose works I liked turned to be into NFTs

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annoys me how in the mainstream, algorithmic art is basically associated with NFTs nowadays

what tool/programming language should i use if i want to algorithmically generate pretty patterns on a pdf 🤔

destroyal of personal items, restrictive parents 

Been participating a lot in Indonesian weeb communities lately and the amount of people who could relate to having your parents destroy or burn your manga collection ... even in adulthood ... is surprising 😓

*attraction that isn't physical ... because i can empathize with instant physical attraction to some degree

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i've always been skeptical with stories where they experience instant attraction ... i thought it was just fiction being fiction (i.e. often unrealistic) lol but then i meet people who genuinely experience this and now i'm confused

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wait do alloromantics experience romantic attraction to someone they've just met? i've only experienced that once in my life (and it wasn't with my gf either, with her it was purely physical at first) :blobcatthinking2:

this feels so ironic because were i not just talking about being very allosexual yesterday ... but then again i've been thinking about my supposed allosexuality a lot which is suspicious. do heteros think a lot about their heterosexuality? i bet not. questioning people, on the other hand-

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probs something like alloflux or aceflux or something ... greysexual. graysexual. good thing gray ace is such a nice, flexible label.

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is it an allo thing to sometimes not experience sexual attraction whatsoever (while still having libido) ... for years at a time ... THINKING

oh wait i might not be as allosexual as i thought i was? IDK IDK

because in hindsight this was me with my girlfriend. wouldn't call it love but i was already fucking gone from the first meeting ...

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is "love at first sight" really just alloromantics being alloromantic

parental death 

My father didn't die that long ago, but it still felt like it was such, such a long time ago, a decade even ... Not in a "I've moved on" way (do we ever?), but in a "I was ... such a young child when it happened" (no I wasn't actually).

Maybe because the "me" then and the "me" now is so, so different that the "me" back then felt like a really young child ... One of the fastest ways to grow up is to lose a parent, after all.

Not really sad/in a grieving mood, just ... Why does it feel like it happened when I was a child instead of my teens.


RT of @cakesandcourage on the birdsite:

"a popular myth is that people who are Very Computer have computers that work. nothing could be further from the truth. the Very Computer are capable of generating much more novel and fascinating ways to make computers not fucking work and exercise this capability wantonly"

anime discourse, gay people erasure 

A guy and a girl stand next to each other and they're apparently a canon couple. Two guys angst over each other, declare their love publicly, KISS, GET ENGAGED, move in together, and they're "just friends". Just. LMAO.

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anime discourse, gay people erasure 

LMAOOOOOO I CAN'T BELIEVE IT there are literally people who argue that Yuri!!! on Ice doesn't have a canon gay relationship 😭

They have angsty conversations about lovers, love, and sexuality. There is a whole-ass subplot about pining and ghosting. They are shown sleeping in the same bed. One character had a public declaration of love. There are references to real-world aspects surrounding gay people in figure skating. There is plenty of subtext. THEY KISSED. They proposed. THEY TALK ABOUT MARRYING EACH OTHER. THEIR FRIENDS CONGRATULATE THEM ON BEING ENGAGED. They move in together at the end ...

And there are still people who say "they're juts friends" ... I thought it was just a meme. I'm not even mad anymore I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT LAUGH LIKE WHAAAT HAHAHAHA.

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