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Doing some artistic thinking because I've got to fill a lot of picture frames in the department in a hurry.
Ignoring the colours, which ones do you like the most?
No image descriptions because these are all pretty abstract!


Spent more than 12 hours drafting an apology. Apology still sucks. I'll have to go and send it anyway.

At least I think I've managed to make myself sound more like an idiot and less like an asshole after 100x rewrites ...

Now it's time to be a not-coward and click that "Send" button >_>

uspol, Trump @ birdsite 

[3/?] college elitism (?), women in STEM ish, rambling 

[2/?] college elitism (?), women in STEM ish, rambling 

[1/?] college elitism (?), women in STEM ish, rambling 

(Also, opinion: Downtown Bandung's average number of coffeeshops per kilometer squared is kind of ridiculous.)

Went to a coffee shop I remember as being somewhat being political (and, according to rumors, where socialist college students have coffee with their similarly socialist dates, lol). Found indie books and magazines about stuff the government Does Not Talk About and Does Not Want People to Talk About.

It was mostly empty when I came by yesterday noon -- I think it's popular on late evenings? I wonder what kind of conversations I'd hear if I go by then?

no context, swearing 

grief I guess 

no context, swearing 

Indopol, (preventing) child marriage 

websites that hijack scrolling are so confusing ugh

Oh who am I kidding I've been contributing to Wikipedia for years of course I write nonfiction for fun.

Just outlined and drafted yet another essay. Apparently I write nonfiction for fun now.


violence, no context 

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