birdsite, (very creative, btw) pole dancing 

god invented the weekend for catching up with laundry, studying, and work

feeling like you have impostor syndrome but also feeling like you're not good enough to have impostor syndrome is such a mood

I don't see why some people look down on restaurants/cafes who ask you to pay upfront, tbh. I personally prefer paying first thing even if I could ask for the bill later because I'm a pretty forgetful person and I don't trust myself to remember to pay before walking out.

I still can't get over how good a motto "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly" is when you're suffering from executive dysfunction or physical disabilities

Like, of course it's awesome to thoroughly clean your place once a week or biweekly but if the mere thought of it is causing you to break down, vacuuming for five minutes is so much more than doing nothing

It's the best piece of advice I got in what feels like forever

unsolved problems in computer science 

nothing makes me feel like I'm living dangerously like posts about experimenting with the moka pot that comes with warnings of "be careful, those things can explode"

ohhh god I've forgotten how Nicky Case's Coming Out Simulator never fails to make me want to cry, CW: profanity 

time to work on Thing I've been procrastinating on since March 2018 💪

starting to think that "before money there was only barter" frames the issue to mislead 🤔

like it could just be you put one in your profile name like

🔵 / ✅ doin good ayyyyyy

⚫ /⚪ hanging in there but maybe say a nice thing if you have the energy

⛔ /🚫 /🔴 doin real bad please be nice and give me space if i ask

⚠️ / 🆘 having a crash please be nice and/or assist if you're up for it

like that way all the triggering detail stuff is still under an mh(-) CW but also you can still safely share your status and know what's up with friends

A friendship that starts through the internet can be just as meaningful as one that starts offline

got into friend's online account for mock college admission tests

only because they knowingly gave me the credentials

I still feel like a haxx0r

friends becoming distant is a painful thing

especially when you realize you're not blameless for it either


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