writing spaghetti code be like

I need this program NOW and I don't have the time to refactor properly and not hardcode and pretend I'm a decent programmer, but wow someday this is going to make me cringe so HARD


I lowkey miss commuting home at night. I miss the city lights, the way it breezes at the train station, the way the air slowly starts to chill, the way the world slowly quietens.

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haskal don't 

- hundreds of sites and forums full of self-aggrandizing links to magic blogs
- sorcerers complaining constantly about how much they hate magic
- magic tomes being copyrighted, with tons of inaccuracies that aren't open to public review
- magical spells stored in the ... magic cloud hub
- the magic cloud is bad, actually
- crab magic, lambda magic, magic of the sea, haskmagickell-currymagic isomagicmorphism
- zygomagichistormorphmagico prepromagicomorphomagicisms
- "out of a job? learn to magic"

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@haskal what if ...

and they're both bots ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

@if Magic frameworks, disccussions about magic formatting, endless wars about how language X is the one true way to magic, except, no, it's actually language Y you heathen, did I mention the frameworks?

Magic happens in sprints, it's both an art and a science, the field is rife with consultants, bloggers and other know-it-alls. Some manager wondering why it all has to take so long, surely magicking that little thing should be easy, I promied the customer.

Also, frameworks. So many frameworks.

imagine if magic were real and sorcerors acted like programmers about it

gender neutral implies the existence of gender chaotic, gender lawful, gender good, and gender evil

im gender evil

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