periodic reminder that every time you exclude "men" from support groups, hotlines and non-profits, you are excluding a large portion of people who desperately need help.

such people in need could be people like me who presented and thought they were very cis and very straight for their entire life until everything cracked and my life was absolute chaos

a "no men" policy could also decrease the chance of masc-aligned people in general to interact with such services (see the typical "women and non-binary people")

let's be honest here; most cis men won't seek help anyway, so you attempting to be a bit forthcoming and inclusive with your services hurts absolutely fucking no-one


they really get offended by everything don't they

Is there a website/community of some sort where I can find localizations (or at least check whether a particular localization exists) of style guides such as Python's PEP8?

Teaching stuff about Python for work right now and they wanted me to mention PEP8 a bit ... Checked and there does not seem to be an Indonesian translation for it, unless I seem to be missing something. If there's no localization yet I'll have to do it myself, but it wouldn't be funny if it turns out there has been a localization all along.

ph (-), mention of amputation 

my entire arm hurts (nobody tells you bursitis gives you This Much Suffering ... i've never wanted to cry from physical pain before but now i do) and i lowkey want to chop the whole thing off to get rid of the pain except if i don't take care of this thing personally i might do, actually, have to have the entire arm chopped off

cryptobros at it again 

the best bad crypto take i saw today is that nfts are a conspiracy made to distract people away from the Good and Pureness of bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies, using the strategy of hurting what people Care About, which is art

fandoms are so weird, for example the javascript fandom


saddle points aren't real they can't hurt you

@AkuAnakTimur I've lost count of how often I get added to random scam investment or crypto Telegram groups. Very few people know my number. Many of my own friends definitely don't.

And yet.


horrible linux pun 

Sure, you can put Arch's and Fedora's package managers side by side and argue back and forth about which one is better. I just don't think that's an apt comparison


It's incredibly hot and sexy to do the interesting parts of a project and then give up


i love plugging ethereal cables into the back of my computer

algorithmic art is cool, NFTs are not, and it's really something when artists whose works I liked turned to be into NFTs

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annoys me how in the mainstream, algorithmic art is basically associated with NFTs nowadays

what tool/programming language should i use if i want to algorithmically generate pretty patterns on a pdf 🤔

destroyal of personal items, restrictive parents 

Been participating a lot in Indonesian weeb communities lately and the amount of people who could relate to having your parents destroy or burn your manga collection ... even in adulthood ... is surprising 😓

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