anime discourse, gay people erasure 

LMAOOOOOO I CAN'T BELIEVE IT there are literally people who argue that Yuri!!! on Ice doesn't have a canon gay relationship 😭

They have angsty conversations about lovers, love, and sexuality. There is a whole-ass subplot about pining and ghosting. They are shown sleeping in the same bed. One character had a public declaration of love. There are references to real-world aspects surrounding gay people in figure skating. There is plenty of subtext. THEY KISSED. They proposed. THEY TALK ABOUT MARRYING EACH OTHER. THEIR FRIENDS CONGRATULATE THEM ON BEING ENGAGED. They move in together at the end ...

And there are still people who say "they're juts friends" ... I thought it was just a meme. I'm not even mad anymore I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT LAUGH LIKE WHAAAT HAHAHAHA.


anime discourse, gay people erasure 

A guy and a girl stand next to each other and they're apparently a canon couple. Two guys angst over each other, declare their love publicly, KISS, GET ENGAGED, move in together, and they're "just friends". Just. LMAO.

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